4 Simple And Easy Ways To Improve Your Current Skincare Routine

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Today I found an article on Mama Mia’s website about easy ways to overhaul your skincare routine. With everyone wanting to fight aging and the wrinkles that come with, it is very important to find a skincare routine that works!! I personally use my Neutrogena Microderm Brush at least two times a week. It works sort of like the Spin brush everyone is talking about. But here are some other ways that Nicky Champ suggests we step up our skincare game:

Whether you’ve never had a solid beauty routine and want to start, or you think it might just be time you did something about those pesky fine lines and wrinkles, it’s hard to know where to begin. The good news is it’s actually pretty easy to learn how to take good care of your skin.

1. Make antioxidants your new friend.

Antioxidants are more than just the stuff you find in fruits and vegetables. They’re the secret weapon that help ward off the skin-aging free radicals you’re exposed to every day.

So make sure you’re getting as much as possible by upping your antioxidant intake in both food and skin products.

beauty routine for 20sThe powerful Super Anti-Oxidant Complex in cucumber-fresh Day Wear moisturizer helps reduce the first signs of aging like fine lines, and also addresses dullness, dryness, and dehydration issues.

And when applying an antioxidant rich moisturizer, don’t just stop at your jawline – take it down to your neck and décolletage.

2. Start using an SPF – ASAP.

You’ve heard it before, but I’m going to say it again. Sunscreen is the NUMBER ONE ANTI-AGING PRODUCT YOU CAN PUT ON YOUR FACE.  Apply it every day, reapply it often and you’ll have people mistaking you for 27 when you’re 35.

Multi-tasking Day Wear is not just full of antioxidants, it packs SPF15 too, so you’re covered for the day.

3. Amp up your night game.

As late nights, work stress and family life take their toll, beauty sleep is key.

But it’s not just about the hours you get on the pillow – night is when your body turns back the clock on the day’s free radical damage. A solid night time skin care regimen will help you wake up looking fresh and rested come morning.

Stock up on the best night cream you can afford. Night Wear Detox Creme helps deeply hydrate and detox the skin from your daily grind — whether it’s office or the sandpit.

And if you’ve been avoiding serums because the idea of them confuses you, don’t be intimidated. With potent ingredients for targeted skin concerns, bedtime can be the best time to apply them. Look for one formulated especially for night like Advanced Night Repair.

beauty routine for 20s
“Stock up on the best night cream you can afford. Estée Lauder’s NightWear Detox Creme helps deeply hydrate and detox the skin from your daily grind—whether it’s office or the sandpit.”

4. Start using face masks again.

The best time to do a mask is before bed. Apply your mask after cleansing, and continue the product down the décolletage. Follow with your serum then night cream.

If you are in need of an extra boost of detoxification, a clay mask like Estée Lauder’s 3-minute NightWear Detox Mask is ideal to gently eliminate toxins and impurities.

beauty routine for 20sSimple, right? Of course it is. So just start introducing these four things into your skin care regime and prepare for the compliments to start rolling on in.

How do you take care of your skin?

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10 Wrinkle Erasing Night-Time Skin Care Tips You Need To Know About!

Hello Beauties:

I’ve started my second week of school and I am starting to get on a more normal schedule…SOMEWHAT. I really miss it when I don’t blog and I also don’t want to let too much time pass without blogging so today I am doing a reblog from Hollywood Life and written by — Olivia Elgart. I think we all can benefit from a good night-time skin care routine. Today I am sharing one that Demi Lovato swears by:

demi-lovato-beauty-get-look-leadDemi Lovato has always had impeccable skin so what’s better than a list of skin care tips from Demi’s beautician? Demi’s esthetician, Renee Rouleau, posted a list of 10 night-time skin care tips on her blog and we cannot wait to try out the list ASAP.

Demi Lovato, 22, always has a fresh flawless face and we are so envious of her perfect skin! Now, thanks to her esthetician, Renee Rouleau, we have an inside look into 10 nighttime skin care tips straight from her blog! Renee is not only an esthetician to the stars, she also makes fabulous skin care products. Aside from Demi, Sofia Vegara 42, is also a big fan of her products!

0x600Ok so here are Renee Rouleau’s 10 expert tips on nighttime rituals to get you waking up looking fresh & rested:

1. Cleanse your skin nightly. After all of the germs from your day’s activities have been spread on you, make sure to wash your face to prevent acne & blemishes from forming!

2. Wash your skin earlier in the evening. Honestly, we are all guilty of this. When you come home from a long night out or a long day at work, all you want to do is throw on your pajamas and hop right in bed. It takes 2 minutes to wash your face — just do it!

3. Always use moisturizer at night. It’s really important to use a moisturizer (one suited for your skin type) because at night when your skin is at rest, the skin’s permeability is at its highest therefore allowing the action ingredients of a moisturizer to absorb deeper within the skin.

4. Use Products with performance ingredients. During the day your skin requires environmental-protecting ingredients but at night when your skin is regenerating, look for repair, exfoliating and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

5. Change your pillowcases frequently. Bacteria and oil may get reintroduced into the skin when you sleep so it’s always suggested for acne-prone skin to have a fresh, clean pillowcase to sleep on.

6. Use baby wash cloths instead of regular wash cloths. Even if your skin is not sensitive, it’s always a good idea to treat it gently. Regular wash cloths can be too aggressive so instead opt for gentler baby wash cloths.

7. Avoid applying eye cream too close. It’s important to avoid applying eye cream too close to the lash line as the product will actually end up in your eyes, picked up by your eyelashes.

8. Sleep with your head elevated. Keep your head elevated by sleeping on two pillows at night to reduce under eye puffiness. This helps to reduce fluid retention in the eye area so you’re less puffy in the morning.

9. Avoid using greasy hand creams. If you sleep on your side with your hands on your face, the cream may be getting into the skin and clogging the pores. If you find that this may be happening to you, sleep with cotton gloves.

10. Get your beauty sleep. Sleep can reduce dark circles because a lack of sleep compromises your body’s circulatory system and you get stagnant blood in the vessels under the eyes because it hasn’t properly drained. Lack of sleep also causes the skin to look pale and tired because the circulation has been impaired.

Will you try any of these expert beauty tricks tonight before you go to bed!

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