This blog and all of its content are owned by me under the name Evolvinglolo. All photos used in the blog are either my personal collection or taken from the public media. Please if you use any of my personal photos or use the content on this blog, I would ask that you extend a common courtesy and either ask my permission or give credit to me.

If I do any reviews I will state if the item(s) was sent to me by the company, but this will in no way affect my honest opinion of the product that I am reviewing. All articles on this blog are my personal opinion and although I encourage and welcome all comments, I will not tolerate offensive language towards me or any of my subscribers or visitors. If you do not follow the rules of etiquette in this regard, your comment(s) will be deleted and you will be blocked from my site. I will reply to every comment in a timely manner so please be patient with me if I do not respond right away. With that being said I hope that you will enjoy my blog because I certainly enjoy writing stories for you to read.

Sit back relax and read as you and I go on this beautiful journey in blogville together.


♥ Lolo

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