The Best and Worst in Beauty of 2016 With A Special Guest Appearance By Aunt Pearl

Hey Everyone,

I hope everyone had a great new year and that you are looking forward to all the blessings that 2017 has in store.

So I was a little tied up and I asked my Dear Aunt Pearl to fill in for me and do my best and worst beauty products of 2016, and y’all I think she might’ve taken my job for me!! 

Now since it is my favorite products for the entire year the video is a bit long so be sure to grab a cuppa coffee and maybe a snack but trust me Aunt Pearl will keep you entertained the entire time! 


What’s The Hype Behind Kat Von D Beauty Alchemist Palette? Plus New Makeup Products I’m Loving

Its been a few weeks since I’ve posted and now that Christmas is over my life can return to some normalcy I’ve missed you guys but I’ve been working behind the scenes purchasing some new items to share with you, so see you have me to thank for doing the legwork for you so you don’t have to now isn’t that love?

OK so there’s been a huge hype in anticipation about Kat Von D beauties newest creation the holographic alchemist pallet her site says that this palette has been years in the making and is both vegan and cruelty free and the packaging is totally recyclable and biodegradable thanks Kat for looking out for our environment!
Not all of this sounds amazing but does it really work? You will have to check out my latest video to find out👌🏿See you in my next post 💋




Hey Everyone:

Sometimes the holidays can get people down and stressed, especially when you have the big meal prep before the family arrives with that aunt that has to through her unwanted opinion about every dish you prepared and what she would have done to make it taste better…funny, dinner is never at your house… wonder why??

I wanted to bring some laughter with this makeup challenge using only holiday dinner cooking utensils. Enjoy my EPIC fail and most importantly, have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.


Watch “NEW Rose Gold Palette by Huda Beauty | Pinky Rose Gold Full Makeup Tutorial | Slay Session Saturday” on YouTube

Hey Guys:

So I have been binging on makeup lately, especially since we just got an Ulta in my town. One of my lastest purchases was so breathtaking that literally I popped it in my purse and took it to work just to show my other fellow makaholics….my new word for us ladies that have an overzealous affinity for all things makeup. 

Enter the gorgeous breathtaking Rose Gold Palette by Huda Beauty! This palette is AMAZING to say the least and with its variety of pressed, matte, and shimmer shadows; it will woo even the most novice of makeup enthusiast simply because of its effortless options for a successful eye look.

Sit back and enjoy my excitement while using this beauty. All the details and links are provided in my video. See you guys in my next video. 💋💋



Hey Loves:

This Saturday’s Slay Session is an unboxing of two of my monthly subscription boxes. Boxy Charm is a great monthly box that for $21/more you get up to $100 worth of beauty items. Ipsy is another great subscription box for $19/more gives you a cute cosmetic bag packed with 4 or more makeup and hair items.

If you are interested in subscribing to either one or both of these great boxes, I’ve provided links in the videos description box. 

As a bonus I also did a review and first impression of Tarte’s newest eyeshadow palette called Tarteiest Pro Palette. 

See you next week for another Slay Session Saturday 👄



Watch “NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Vault Swatches of All 36 Shades || Slay Session Saturday” on YouTube

Hey My Loves

I recently purchased the NYC Cosmetics Soft Matte Cream Lipstick Vault. The collection includes all 34 of the original shades plus 2 new shades called                  Los Angeles and Bangkok.

While filming, I was told of the untimely passing of a dear friend and coworker. The decision to continue filming despite the immense pain I was experiencing was made knowing that going on would have been what she would have wanted me to do.

I dedicate this video to my dear sweet friend…gone way too soon


Kylie Clayton

You will be greatly missed by so many❤❤❤

Watch “How I Revived My Friday Night Hair GLS 49 After Massive Tangling || Slay Session Saturday” on YouTube

Hey Loves

So I’ve been wearing my hair in a protective Style for the last few months and I am trying out new wigs and new wig companies. In my quest for different inexpensive wigs I learned about a company called Friday Night Hair. This company is pretty popular on YouTube and they are known for having high quality synthetic wigs that look believable. 

So I decided to give one of their weeks ago I forked out 4899 which is at least $20 over what I normally pay for my synthetic wigs and I went for the style GLS 49. Me and the way we’re in love for the first 4 days and then the tangles started. I’m not talking a few tanglez here and there I’m talking the whole week began to medic right before my eyes and finger detangling was no longer an option by day 6.

Watch my video on how a revived, restyled, and recreated a new wig from the tangled mess that it came from. Talk to you all in my next post❤


LoLo Lumpkin