Now You Can Wear Your Fruit And Eat It Too

Hello Fashionistas:

I want to share a nifty little online store you may not be aware of. It’s called Cents of Style click here .

I don’t remember how I found this needle in the haystack website, but I was so happy I did. They offer a deal every Friday called Fashion Friday where an item is ridiculously on sale for the entire day. Not stopping there, they also offer style steals every Monday & Wednesday. Now if you know me then you know I am all about a good sale so this site and me are in a good relationship♥. They recently included a new designer named Jen Hadfield and she makes fruit inspired jewelry and clothing. Now before you click the back arrow on me just take a moment to view the fresh fruit salad blend

These earrings are only $9.95

Shthe earrings are only $9.95e also makes fruit-inspired T-shirts:

She has an assortment of cuteness and not all fruit related. So head on over to the site and check out her items. They are very affordable and will be a talking point wherever you go. Here is the link to her items here.

You will get a free pair of earrings if you purchase one of her T-shirts. No code needed but I am pretty sure it is only for a limited time. Let me know what you think.

Would you wear any of these items?

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OOTD: Royal Blue Pencil Skirt

Hello Lovelies:

royal blue skirt setI can’t explain the love I have for a pencil skirt and some heels. Can I just say: SEXY. I am wearing this outfit over the weekend but I was just too geeked that I had to share now. I am a big fan for a sale and I rarely pay full price for my clothes. After the store does their initial markup they will start dropping the price at least every 30 days and this will go on until the item(s) are moved to the clearance racks. My method is to wait until it goes on sale because this is when I am getting the item(s) for closest to its original cost. When merchandise first hits the racks they are coming to you (the consumer) at a 100% + markup which is how stores make their profit. I am not trying to make them rich so why give them extra money? Okay so that was your lesson in Retail 101.

Since I do a lot of bargain shopping links will not always be provided but I will always try to provide a link to a similar item.

royal blue skirt set3

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OOTD: Gladiator Sandals Crush The It Style For The Summer

Hello Fashionistas:

Do you know what today is? What To Wear Wednesday. Today’s look is inspired by my absolutely love and obsession with gladiator sandals. They are so versatile, sexy, and just a must have for the trend setters, and the fashionable. Many styles of gladiators have appeared this season: high-heel, wedge-heel, lace-ups, rhinestone encrusted, mid-calf…and on and on. If you are on the fence about embracing the trend then I suggest you start simple with a basic black or brown pair that maybe come mid-calf as opposed to the popular knee-high style like the ones I’m wearing here:

gladiator3I grabbed these last summer in black and brown from Justfab

for $39.95 for each pair. I like to pair my gladiators with shorter dresses, shorts and skirts. Today I decided to pair them with a comfy dress I grabbed from TJ Max last year. (Whenever possible, I will provide the link to where I purchased). This dress is super cute and when paired with the gladiators, it looks Grecian Inspired.

6-24-156-24-15(2)You can give this look an edge by adding the fedora style hat or you could add a headband to really make it look Grecian. So go grab a pair of gladiators if you haven’t already…you will be glad you did. heart


Will you wear gladiators this season?

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