The Best Ideas for Creating an All-Season Classic Closet

Hello Fashionistas:

I have totally been MIA and I feel awful but my work load is just so jam-packed that I cannot seem to juggle work and blogging because if I cannot produce quality  posts for you guys, then I am doing a disservice to you. With that being said, I cannot promise a schedule for my posts but I can promise that whenever I do post, it will be worth the wait and the read!! So please continue to look for my posts and I thank you for your continued support during this very busy time in my life.

Today however I do have a very special treat for you all with a post from guest blogger Suzy Walsh. Suzy is the editor of The House of Elegance Fashion and she is going to give you insights for creating an all season classic closet.

By Suzy Walsh

For 90% of people, fashion is all about style blended with practicality. Many of us only shop with the clear idea that we would want to repeat the clothes. Of course, there are also times when one opts to high-end designer fashion. Building an all season wardrobe isn’t hard, as long we you know the art of mixing things together. Starting from the smallest accessories picked from the flea market to the more extensive essentials, you can always put up a good list when you know to define your personal style. In this post, find more about creating an all-season closet.

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Think dual:

Even if you are someone who likes to shop every season, you know by now that there are some essential pieces that can easily translate from spring to fall with ease. Think of classic pieces, such as ankle boots, light sweaters and even a regular white shirt. Keep things that can double up for different needs, so that you can mix and match as you need.

Mix it up:

Some of the other things are more like classics and can work for many needs, such as the denim skirt, which works as the perfect mini choice for summers and with the leggings for the fall. In fact, men too have such similar choices, so if don’t own that essential white tee as yet, make sure you get one. click here for some great Adidas essentials, or go to the local streets now!

A set of sweaters and cardigans:

For spring 2015 and 2014, many designers opted for the sweater, which is quite a practical choice. While creating a classic closet, you need to have both cardigans and sweaters in the right balance. Apart from regular primary colours, try to add a few more unique printed designs. Since we are talking of things that can be translated from one season to another, think of more versatile materials that are light enough to be added to any look!

Pick shoes wisely:

Your closet is never complete without the right choice of shoes, so you will need to start with a few options to complete the collection. Think of choices like ballet flats and high stilettos- both being amazing staple options and can be used for any season. Also, try to get at least one pair of ankle boots and knee-high boots, which can be immensely worthy for fall and early spring. Other shoe styles to own include flatforms, ( are the shoes that generally have a thick sole which adds height but keep the feet flat) a pair of pumps and a classic set of wedges.


Finally, you have to choose for accessories, which is easy because there are too many budget choices. There are a few things that can be considered essentials like dangler earrings, solitaire pendant, and a statement neckpiece. Use your personal style and redefine trends with a unique touch!
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Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion writer, passionate stylist and the chief editor for The House of Elegance Fashion. She also authors posts for other blogs and likes to talk of practical style statements.

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Review Of My July Olia Subscription Box

Hello Fashionistas:

So last month I posted my Olia Box subscription but in case you missed it, this is what I received in my June Box:

$RQ4OXMZI was not a huge fan of this necklace and as of yet I haven’t worn it. I have worn the bangles a couple of times and the earrings I think once. I subscribed to the box probably about 6 months ago at a cost of $35 per month for 3-4 jewelry items.

Here is my July Box:

olia1editedI do like the necklace but it is identical (except for a different colors) to the one I received in my May box from them. Even though the bracelets are a different texture, they are clearly the same style as the June Box.

My Decision & Review

I have decided to cancel my monthly subscription with Olia because I am just not satisfied with the style of jewelry that I am receiving. I would rather take the $35 I am giving them and purchase a necklace that better fits my style from Baublebar I feel that I have given the company a fair assessment and time to show me what they can do for me. I like statement necklaces and dainty earrings. Although the company has followed my requests with this, the style is not my style. I am going to have to rate them with…

A Flop thumbs-down-emojiHave you ever had to cancel a subscription box?

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2 Huge Announcements From Popular Clothing Line Topshop!!

Hello Fashionistas:

If you’re into fashion then you’ve undoubtedly heard of Topshop. It’s a pretty popular clothing line and a popular go-to fashion item for many well-known bloggers in cyberville. Although some of their price points can make you cringe at times, they offer unique styleable fashion that is timeless making the steep price look more inviting.

The company is making two changes that are newsworthy.

Announcement #1

Topshop is joining the ranks of H&M and others by launching its first ever sustainable clothing collection. What does all this mean? Sustainable fashion (also called ethical fashion) is recycled clothing made from conscious materials such as organic leather, natural rubber and recycled wood. Called “Topshop Reclaim” the collection features 20 new designs made entirely from spare material and fabric remnants from their existing stock.

Other companies that sell sustainable fashions

hnm-shortsThese shorts are made from recycled polyester and sold by H&M

twisted-hex-stack-bangle-goldThis necklace is made from fair trade gold and sold by

What will the collection look like? Here is a sneak peak of a few items in the collection

image credit:
image credit:
image credit:

The new 20-piece collection will be available beginning July 16th at their online store.

Announcement #2

Popular Singer and Model Ciara will be Topshop’s New Brand Ambassador for the USA.

image credit:
image credit:

The 29-year-old who is dating Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, was recently named brand ambassador by Topshop owner Sir Philip Green while at the Fashion Retail Academy Awards in London last week. She will not be alone Beyoncé teamed up with the company to launch Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd. which is a street wear brand.

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Two Male Celebrities Will Launch Their Own Clothing Line This Fall

Hello Fashionistas:

We are accustomed to women creating the fashions we all love to wear and for the most part it is women who are our top designers but I think you will be excited about two men that are tossing their hats into the fashion cesspool by launching their very own clothing line.

Brandon Maxwell

Brandon Maxwell
Brandon Maxwell

Mr. Maxwell might know a couple of things about fashion since he is personal stylist to Lady Gaga since 2012. His bio reads as follows on his website.

Brandon Maxwell is a fashion stylist and designer based out of New York City, who has gained recognition for his glamorous, ultra-dynamic sensibilities and the iconic images he creates in collaboration with some of the world’s most esteemed artists and creators.
Move over Jeremy Scott, you won’t be the only male designer in this years New York Fashion Week in September because Brandon Maxwell will be their to show off his first ready-to-wear collection.
What will the line look like?
According to the blog the collection is geared toward evening with an emphasis on lean black suiting and gowns that are more democratically designed than what Gaga is known to wear. “It’s important that it’s humble and taken seriously,” said Maxwell. “I want women to want to wear the clothes, and I want people to say it was well-made and well thought out.”
David Beckham David-Beckham-face-closeup
Mr. Beckham’s fashions won’t be seen at NYFW but its new home can be found in H&M Stores across the globe later this year. There isn’t an official launch date but it seems that he is following in the steps of his talented wife who also has a clothing line. His line will be exclusively for men and it’s a collaboration with business partner Simon Fuller. The former football star has already created an underwear line with the giant H&M and has raised his fashion profile even further with numerous collaborations with brands such as Adidas and Belstaff, but having his own fashion label is a huge deal because this is his baby.  You can look for campaign ads to start soon and feature comedian Kevin Hart. The pair will be seen wearing matching outfits and a slogan of who wore it better. Behind the scenes sneak peaks have been popping up on Instagram.
I am happy for men with the launch of Beckham’s line because his style is just down right sexy and hopefully will that will translate into his label.
What kind of style do you think Beckham will come out with?
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My Monthly Jewelry Subscription Box Revealed!

Hello Lovelies:

My Tried & True this week is my monthly subscription box. About 4 months ago I decided to start a subscription with Oliabox. Founded by Olga Avila, the company takes great care in sending you pieces of jewelry handpicked based on the profile you submitted with your subscription. I am a chunky necklace and dainty jewelry person so my monthly boxes will have a mixture of both styles. If you are interested in subscribing to this awesome monthly box just  click here

You can select a $25, $35, or $45 per month box. The price just determines how many pieces you receive. With my $35 box I usually get 4 items per month. Tell me what you think and if you subscribe to a jewelry box.


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My New Favorite Online Store Craving

Diva Night
This dress is $32 and comes in Pink for $21 & Cream for $29. They are located overseas but items usually ship within 24 hours.
Be Classy
Hello Loves:
If you haven’t shopped you are missing a great treat. I found this store last year, bookmarked it and forgot about it until I needed to find a LBD. The prices on this site will make your heart scream “YASSS” and keep your wallet full. I will be placing an order with them this week and I will be sure to come back and do a review. Sometimes as we all know lower prices can mean low quality but I’ve watched numerous reviews from You Tubers that shop their site regularly and love them. If this experience goes well then I will be a Shein Regular.
Have you shopped at If so, please let me know how your experience was.
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Now You Can Wear Your Fruit And Eat It Too

Hello Fashionistas:

I want to share a nifty little online store you may not be aware of. It’s called Cents of Style click here .

I don’t remember how I found this needle in the haystack website, but I was so happy I did. They offer a deal every Friday called Fashion Friday where an item is ridiculously on sale for the entire day. Not stopping there, they also offer style steals every Monday & Wednesday. Now if you know me then you know I am all about a good sale so this site and me are in a good relationship♥. They recently included a new designer named Jen Hadfield and she makes fruit inspired jewelry and clothing. Now before you click the back arrow on me just take a moment to view the fresh fruit salad blend

These earrings are only $9.95

Shthe earrings are only $9.95e also makes fruit-inspired T-shirts:

She has an assortment of cuteness and not all fruit related. So head on over to the site and check out her items. They are very affordable and will be a talking point wherever you go. Here is the link to her items here.

You will get a free pair of earrings if you purchase one of her T-shirts. No code needed but I am pretty sure it is only for a limited time. Let me know what you think.

Would you wear any of these items?

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