Your Go To Guide To Using White Liner With Confidence

Hello Beauties:

So the other day I had a dear friend of mine who values my makeup insight ask me to do a story about how to wear white eyeliner. I jumped at the opportunity because many of us have heard of the technique but do we really know how to apply it properly? Read on and after you find out all of its benefits,  I’m sure that you’ll run to your nearest store to purchase a white liner:

White eyeliner can help make your eyes brighter, bigger and dazzling if you know how to use it well. You have seen top celebrities  looking super fabulous in this eyeliner color. Who said you cannot look good too? But before you purchase, there are some tricks to mastering the perfect white eye and we will take a look at them:


1. As a Conventional Eyeliner

If you have an Oriental eye-shape type or deep-set eyes white liner can help transform their looks into a bigger bolder eye. If you are really looking to make a dramatic statement, you could apply white liner on the lash line but I would only recommend this technique if you are an expert in blending  white liner with other colored liners.


2. Inner Corner Highlighting

For an awake look, you can use it in your inner eye corners as opposed to other highlighter shades we use.  Using white eye liners in this way will brighten your eyes, and make them look much wider. To apply it, make a V on your inner eye corners using this eyeliner and smudge it or blend it with your other eyeliner color whether it be black or brown.


3. White Eyeliner on Water line or Highlighting Eye waterline

Apply eyeliner on the inner waterline to make your eyes to look much bigger, if you have small eyes. This is suited for people who have small eyes and they want them to appear bigger. People who have big eyes should not use the it on their inner lash lines. Their eyes will look bigger and droopy.


4. Know your eye-shape

If you have close-set eyes, you would do better with white liner around the inner corners. This is when the distance between the two eyes is smaller than the width of one eye


People with wide-set eyes should use white liner on their outer corners to bring their eyes a little closer. Make sure you smudge and blend the line you create.


5. Things to avoid

  • Avoid using white liner on your lash lines without finishing it off with black eyeliner closer to your lash lines.LAS VEGAS, NV - APRIL 07: Musician Taylor Swift arrives at the 48th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 7, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)
  • Avoid thick white lines around your entire eyes unless you know the techniques to use as this could make you look like a ghost!
  • Avoid using too much white liner on your inner lash line as the excess might gather at your eye corners after some time and then you will walk around with a big clump of white paste in the corners of your eyes.

6. Other options to white liners

For those gals that don’t feel white works for them or your skin tone, you may opt for silver, pearly off white, gold, or a taupe eyeliner while still getting the same benefits to using a white liner.

Would you wear white eyeliner?

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6 Steps To Achieving The Perfect Contour And Highlight

Hello Beauties:

I know that today is not my normal blogging day but I ran across this awesome article by YSL Beauty that I had to share the knowledge. With contouring and strobing being such a hot topic in makeup, many women, myself included, have a lot of questions about the proper way to contour and highlight. Well YSL has taken all of the struggle away with these great visuals and tips. Enjoy and thank YSL beauty for the great guide:

Step 1:

Create an even base with your chosen foundation. For a flawless matte finish that lasts for 24 hours, look to Loreal’s Infallible Pro Matte Foundation  $12.99, or YSL’s Touche Éclat Foundation, $57, for effortless radiance. If you prefer light coverage, try Giorgio Armani’s Maestro Fusion, $64.

1perfectStep 2:

Disguise dark under-eye circles with YSL’s iconic Touche Éclat, $42, and use a great concealer like MAC’s Pro Longwear Concealer to camouflage blemishes and any imperfections.

2concealStep 3:

Use a concealer that is at least two shades lighter than your skin tone and sweep them across your cheekbones, down your nose, under your brows and on your Cupid’s bow to highlight.

3highlightStep 4:

Use a cream bronzer, such as YSL Les Saharienne, $55, along the top of your forehead, where the sun naturally hits it, and along the jawline to accentuate your bone structure.

4sunkissedStep 5:

To add definition, use the cream bronzer in the hollows of your cheekbones and either side of your nose. If you aren’t a fan of the cream use MAC’s studio fix powder foundation in two shades darker than your skin tone.

5sculptedcontourStep 6:

For a seamless finish, use a sponge or a good-quality brush to blend in circular movements. YSL’s Les Saharienne, $55, comes with a versatile sponge that is perfect for this. If you prefer a brush, look to the multiple brand’s on the market.

6blendDo you contour or is it a total waste of time for you!

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How To Find The Perfect Foundation For Your Skin Type

Hello My Beauties:

Today I would like to talk about the F-word: “FOUNDATION” We have an overflow of choices with fancy names it’s no wonder we spend hours in the beauty aisle staring at the bottles as if one of them is going to jump off the shelves and into our hands with the perfect color match. Since it’s not that easy, I thought I would take some time and break down what I know about foundations and how to pick that perfect shade.

Step One

The most important of all steps is choosing a color that suits your skin. If you are trying to make your makeup look more natural like untouched skin then the last thing you will want is to have your face darker than the rest of your body. This will be a dead giveaway and will be very hard to blend it out to match your skin tone. The lighter you start, the better you will be because you can always work your way up. It’s kind of like a haircut, it’s better to cut off not enough than to cut off too much.

The back of your hand is the closest in color to your face so do a spot test and see how it matches up. The inside wrist is not the best place to test foundation as some may think because it is much lighter than your actual skin color. Another good place to swatch test is your jaw area or neck. If the color melts into your skin and fades away then you’ve just found the perfect match.

Once you’ve got the art of color matching down it’s now time to find that perfect foundation that is best for you. Now come with me to foundation academy where we will explore the different foundations out there, how they work, and which skin type it’s best suited for: These are only a few of my suggested products…the list is too long to post in one article so I tried to narrow it down to cover a range of price points.


Powder foundation is perfect for everyday wear because it’s easy and quick to apply and its very lightweight so it won’t leave any harsh lines. Now if you’re looking for full coverage from your powder then opt for ones that will hide pores and give you that smooth finish. The good thing with powder foundation is that it works great for oily or combination skin as the powder absorbs excess oils. You will want to use a kabuki brush to apply powders because they should be buffed into the skin. Some good choices are


Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Foundation

MAC studio fix foundation

MAC studio fix foundation

Estee Lauder Double Wear Powder Foundation

Estee Lauder Double Wear Powder Foundation

BB and CC Creams

These all-in-one creams are designed to be lighter than most foundations, but heavier than a tinted moisturizer.  BB Creams are supposed to create a smooth even skin tone while adding moisture and protecting the skin from the suns rays. BB stands for blemish balm so the premise behind the foundation is to include anti-aging properties that will make the skin look youthful and dewy all day. Using the BB creams will give you a twofer: the beauty of a natural finish that covers uneven skin tone while healing the skin.

CC (Color Correcting) creams offer many of the same benefits as BB creams; light coverage, SPF and skin care. They’re packed with a huge dose of ingredients that will help minimize dark spots, and its light-diffusing particles will aid in hiding any redness or discoloration in the skin:

Dior skin BB Cream

Dior skin BB Cream

Rimmel BB Cream

Rimmel BB Cream

Garnier Vogue BB Cream

Garnier Vogue BB Cream

Liquid Foundation

To get flawless skin with a fuller coverage, you will need to use a liquid foundation. There is something for every skin type, with dewy or matte finishes to complement your complexion. If you have oiler skin then you should opt for a matte foundation and maybe set it with a powder to further reduce the shine factor.

Giorgio Armani Vogue Foundation

Giorgio Armani Vogue Foundation

Bobbi Brown Vogue Foundation

Bobbi Brown Vogue Foundation

Estee Lauder Double Wear

Estee Lauder Double Wear

Tinted Moisturizer

As an everyday go to the tinted foundation will be your pick. It’s an easy and affordable alternative to the liquid foundations and will give your skin that sun-kissed dewy finish. Keep in mind though that tinted moisturizers don’t provide much coverage so it’s not a good choice for those who do not have already a naturally clear complexion without makeup. The job of the tinted moisturizer is just to even out the skin tone.

Too Faced Beauty Balm

Too Faced Beauty Balm

Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer

Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer


Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizier

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted moisturizer

What is your go to foundation these days? Drop me a line in the comments and don’t forget follow me on Instagram by clicking the link below.

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