Watch “How I Revived My Friday Night Hair GLS 49 After Massive Tangling || Slay Session Saturday” on YouTube

Hey Loves

So I’ve been wearing my hair in a protective Style for the last few months and I am trying out new wigs and new wig companies. In my quest for different inexpensive wigs I learned about a company called Friday Night Hair. This company is pretty popular on YouTube and they are known for having high quality synthetic wigs that look believable.

So I decided to give one of their weeks ago I forked out 4899 which is at least $20 over what I normally pay for my synthetic wigs and I went for the style GLS 49. Me and the way we’re in love for the first 4 days and then the tangles started. I’m not talking a few tanglez here and there I’m talking the whole week began to medic right before my eyes and finger detangling was no longer an option by day 6.

Watch my video on how a revived, restyled, and recreated a new wig from the tangled mess that it came from. Talk to you all in my next post❤


LoLo Lumpkin

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