Watch “My Tribute To Orlando || #LGBTCLOVE || LoLo Lumpkin” on YouTube

Hi All,

This weekend we all woke up to the tragic an unbelievable news that one evil-minded person would execute 49 innocent people as they celebrated a good time with friends.
The supposed motive behind this senseless act was two things:  hatred against America and hatred for a specific group of people also known as #LGBTC.
It really does not matter what the reasoning was, the fact is no one has a right to decide that they want to extinguish lives that they did not create; but unfortunately because our society is filled with sick individuals we have to endure these unpleasantries more frequently then we care to.
As a makeup artist I have a platform, so I felt that I needed to use my platform to express my emotions and my support for the city of Orlando and the families left behind that have the undaunting assignment of pickin up the pieces while trying to make sense of something that doesn’t hold any human logic.
Please check out my YouTube video and share the link with others.


My dream would be that we could flood the internet with the colors of the Gay Pride flag . Tag you’re it!  Go make a difference💋



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