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It’s Live. My beauty killer palette tutorial is now ready to watch on my YouTube channel. I had so much fun filming this video. I was originally going to add a voiceover but when o added the music, it was such a great match to the video that I decided to keep it without which made it even better in my opinion. 

I’m really loving the editing process because this is where you can showcase your creativity. I hope you guys enjoy the video and as always please be sure to give it a 👍 and Subscribe… See you in my next video or blog💋



Beauty Killer Palette Makeup Tutorial Trailer

Hey Guys,

Yes I’ve been pretty busy making videos and I must say that YouTube videos can be addictive. I am currently editing my newest video that will post this Thursday 6/30/16.

If you are familiar with the ever so talented Jeffree Star, then you already know about his newest makeup magic: The Beauty Killer Palette. Packed with 8 highly pigmented and vibrant shades, this palette won’t disappoint the even conservative makeup lover. Check out my video trailer and get excited for Thursday💋 Also be sure to checkout my page on Instagram for my daily makeup looks.

Watch “How to Revive A Sythentic Wig and Make Your Wig Look Real” on YouTube

Hello All:

If you are a wig-wearer then you know the struggles that come with constant wear. Matting, tangles, and the list goes on and on. The good news is, you don’t have to throw your wig away! In this video I will show you how to revive a wig on its last leg and I will show you how to make your wigs look natural. 

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Penny Wig by Outre

Watch “Manny Mua Palette X Makeup Geek Palette || Instagram Baddie Makeup Tutorial || LoLo Lumpkin” on YouTube

Hi Loves,

Do you know what an Instagram Baddie is well I noticed that the challenge was all over YouTube so I decided to do my version of and Instagram Baddie watch my tutorial and see what I come up with




Watch “Liquid Lipstick Swatches || Tryon & Review || Lena Lashes” on YouTube

Hey Loves,

If you are looking for a great wearing and extremely affordable matte liquid lipstick, then you MUST take a look at my latest YouTube video.
  I own 11 of the liquid lipsticks by Lena Lashes and all I can say is that they are Amazing! The company is always having a sale where you can grab the lippies for $8…so be sure to click the link in the description box of my video so you can register for their emails. This way you will never miss a sale.
   I’m all about a good lipstick and it seems lately that I’ve been totally obsessed with liquid lipstick. I hope you can benefit from my tutorial and I hope that you I have provided you with a new found favorite lippie💄




Watch “My Current Favorite Must Haves || Makeup and Wigs” on YouTube

Hey My Loves:

   Do you know how you have those staple items that you just cannot live without? Well if you can relate then you will understand why I needed to do this video. I mean why keep things to myself when I could possibly benefit others so I decided to share just a few of my must-have items that I am vibing on right now.
   These things could change some things might be added to my list   and some things might be taken away, but there will be certain things that will always remain constant in my life. If you want to share with me some of your must-have items I would love to hear them. Well until the next video or blog post 💋