The Simple Makeup Trick That Will Make Your Eyes Pop!

Hello Beauties:

When you hear the word “tight-lining” you may think this is just another beauty tip that you should just blow off as a faddish makeup trick,  but it’s actually an eyeliner trick pro makeup artists have used for decades.

The technique was made famous by industry luminaries Kevyn Aucoin and Laura Mercier, and is a technique where you draw eyeliner inside the lash line, and on the waterline. It provides an imperceptible definition and structure to the face by filling in any gaps in the lash line and creates contrast with the irises, according to celebrity makeup artist Suzy Gerstein.

“That contrast helps really define the eye without making it look made up. Done properly, it should not look like you are wearing eyeliner at all,” she told HuffPost in a recent article. “Your eyes should just look bigger and more twinkly, but to the naked eye it will not be obvious why exactly they look so amazing.”

Gerstein notes that the late makeup artist Way Bandy used this technique in his ’70s and ’80s makeup manuals before it even had a name. “Tight-lining is great for hooded eyes and other eye shapes that tend to look overly made up or droopy with a thick, visible band of traditional eyeliner,” she said. “The trick is also a fantastic way to intensify a smoky eye or anchor a wash of pale shimmery shadow.”

So how exactly do you tight-line?

Gerstein recommends positioning a mirror on a flat surface so you’re looking down into it. “Gaze down into the mirror with your chin angled upwards and eyes staring downwards to allow you to get into that sweet spot right in the lash lines. Using your non-dominant hand, pull gently up on the lid and use your other hand to tight-line,” she said. Watch the YouTube video from New Beauty Magazine experts.

Do you currently tight line?

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A New Campaign That Will Bring Awareness To A Silent Disease

Hello My Loves:

It has been a spell since my last post but I have been going through it these last two weeks. I lost my little cousin on September 21st, she was only 16 years old. My mind hasn’t totally wrapped itself around this new reality and my heart aches daily for her parents James and Kim Reed as well as her 3 sisters Janique, Jasmine, and Jamie.


The day seemed normal to the family but little did they know that later on that night their lives would be changed forever….you see my sweet 16-year-old cousin Kimari suffered a severe asthma attack. Having asthma was something she dealt with all of her life, and her inhaler always seemed to do the job, but this day was different. Her mother and sister tried desperately to save her by doing CPR while they waited for the ambulance to come, but God had a different plan because she was gone in an instant!

Kimari was a gifted child that not many are blessed to have. When I say gifted I am not talking about smart (although she was that too) I am talking about a rare gift from God. All children are gifts no doubt but sometimes God will allow us to birth an angel only here to serve His purpose and on loan until the mission is complete. Some may think that I’m crazy but I truly believe this.

Anyways, Kimari was loving, thoughtful, talented and able to change those around her for the better. She had an infectious smile and sense of humor that could make even the severely depressed crack a smile. She had a voice that sounded like an angel singing directly to God. I know that Kimari went right back to her heavenly existence with her last breath. You see her mission was now complete: and now it will be the job of her parents and those that love her to continue her mission by bringing a new awareness to a silent but deadly condition called Asthma.

I will write more about it later but her parents have started a campaign in her honor called #breathofKimari

12043155_10153760169504767_1587190221659693517_n Also her mother Kimmie creates homemade body butters that are out of this world! Made with pure essential oils and creams, she designs different scents and they leave your skin feeling like satin. Kimari designed her own body butter prior to her death and ironically named the butter the day that she died. “Mookie” as people affectionately called Kimari is the name she told her mother and the fact that she loved lemons she designed her butter with a lemon flavor. Called “Sour Mookie, her butter is for sale and it’s made with all natural unrefined Shea butter, Cocoa butter Mango butter, and essential oils. Lemon, lime and grapefruit essential oils give it that awesome refreshing scent that make up the fragrances that Kimari loved. Jars sell for $5, $10, $15, $25.

You can ORDER here:
or text 703-380-0865

 A portion of the proceeds from each jar sold will go towards the foundation in order to help other children less fortunate and suffering from asthma and other respiratory diseases to pay for medications, treatments, and doctor’s visits.

12118855_10153779966119767_2580164997209171166_n Please join me and countless others in supporting a good cause and to bring awareness to Asthma. We may not be able to stop the condition but we can educate! Kimmie accepts payments through Paypal and can send you an invoice when you provide your email address.

If you rather place an order with me just place your order in the comments of this post or email me at

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