8 Important Tips You Need To Know Before Shopping At Sephora

Hello Beauties:

Lately I have been buying makeup like it will never be sold in stores again!! With all of the new makeup launches happening almost daily, it’s hard to not just open up the wallet and say “bye bye money!” Where you shop and how you shop becomes important at times like these. Many makeup lovers use Sephora but there are a few secrets to shopping the mega makeup retailer that I wanted to share with you:

  1. You’re eligible for a complimentary makeover every time you spend $50 or more, so make sure you take advantage!
  2. The newest and most expensive products are placed at eye level, so make sure you scan the lower shelves because you may find something you like that also happens to be cheaper.
  3. It really pays to become a Beauty Insider. It’s free and you earn a point for every dollar you spend, get a birthday gift every year, have access to free makeup classes, and also get seasonal promotions.
  4. You can return makeup that you’ve opened or used as long as you have the receipt.
  5. All online purchases come with a choice of three free samples!
  6. You can and should always ask for free samples of any products you’d like to try while you’re at the store. They won’t tell you no.
  7. If a product gets marked down within 14 days of when you purchased it, you can get a price adjustment.
  8. You can find foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone with Sephora’s Color IQ, a device that can identify your skin color and pinpoint the right shade for you from over 1,500 formulas.

So the next time you are shopping Sephora online or in-store be sure to take advantage of the perks of being a Beauty Insider!

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