Skincare Tips Every Women Needs To Know!!

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I am back from a much-needed break and I wanted you all to know that I will be posting every other day while I am back to work so please continue to look in on my blog and thanks for all of your support.

Ok so today is for my mid-life ladies. The ones that are in their 30’s or early 40’s. You know that age where you begin to care more about your skin and you are always searching for ways to avoid the wrinkles and other common things that are dead giveaways of aging!! This article is to help you put your best face forward and start now rather than later on going the extra mile to care for your skin.

With the hustle and bustle of everyday living, the climate changes, and quick fix fast food eating as a way of mostly everyone’s life, we really need to have a solid skin care plan in place.  No need to freak out, you can now take your pick from the large array of stronger products available to help add that glow back and start preventing and treating signs of aging. So here are a few things you need to amp-up your skin care routine.

Glow Girl

During your 30s, your skins natural exfoliation cycle will slow-down to like maybe every 35 days, this simply means that you will need to up your exfoliation game in both the products you use and the frequency at which you use them. This process needs to be on a regular consistent basis because in doing so you will reduce the appearance of fine lines and in turn will slow down the likelihood of them deepening. A product with glycolic acid is the perfect option as it is one of the best exfoliators around due to its ability to penetrate more deeply than other acids. Look out for a scrub or peel and use one to two times a week. A good product recommendation is Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub


Brighten up 

Those dirty 30s is the time when you’ll start to notice uneven skin tone and an increased need for concealers. Whether it is due to mother nature or sun worshipping, start adding a skin brightener into your daily skin care routine to prevent and treat the blemishes that have already surfaced. Look for products rich in both vitamins C and E or soy as they help suppress melanin production in the skin.

Screen-Shot-2015-07-31-at-1.30.23-PM-92x300Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector


Sometime switching up your routine is a good thing for the skin. It avoids our skin getting use to the same ole same ole which in essence turns into the product being less effective. Begin with tweaking your nighttime moisturizer, and add a night cream with retinol at least once or twice a week to help build collagen and protect against wrinkles. But don’t use this as a license to go overboard on heavy creams because your skin will most likely not need that much moisturizer just yet. We’re loving Amboni Organics Morning Face + Neck Cream as a daytime option as its organic, light in consistency, hydrating and antioxidant rich to help with texture, smoothness and cellular regeneration.


Loreal Revitalift Face Cream


If you haven’t been using your SPF shame on you!! The face and hands are probably the most sensitive to sun damage and these areas can give even the freshest face away. You’ll also want to add a vitamin C/antioxidant serum to your daytime routine as it can help boost your sunscreen. Protecting your skin against the sun and free radicals will lessen the likelihood of a breakdown of collagen and give you a fresh luminescent glow.

gallery-1436394540-kiehl-s-feuchtigkeitspflege-ultra-facial-moisturizerKiehls Ultra Face Moisturizer

Don’t forget those eyes

Upgrade your moisturising eye cream to one with retinol. Using one at night will help build collagen in this area where skin tends to be thinnest.

patricia-wexler-md-dermatology-intensive-3in1-eye-creamWexler 3-n-1 eye cream

Now you have your arsenal to go and save your face!!

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