A New Beauty Store That Carries Your Most Popular Instagram Makeup Finds

Hello Beauties:

Richard Parrott, the beauty-industry veteran and president of accessories superstore Ricky’s NYC, is a 42-year-old dad who happens to be really, really good at Instagram stalking. On August 15, he opened in Soho, selling the beauty products from about 20 different brands that he discovered through the Instagram app.

How did the concept come about?
The store is a result of searching for products through Instagram instead of using the ever so popular Google or Yahoo.

When you search “hot makeup” or “best makeup brush” on a search engine, you’re going to be shown what the algorithm is programmed to show you, whether someone paid for it or it has the most unique content. I started finding out who’s talking about what by searching through social media. It’s a bit more believable because it’s real people talking about real products that actually work. That’s the beauty of the information age: Everything is at your fingertips. If you don’t know what’s hot, you’re not paying attention. Stated Parrott to NYMAG.

How does he get his list of hot products?
We all really do it everyday when we get on Instagram and fall in the rabbits hole of new makeup gurus to follow but we just never thought to capitalize on it. Say you are following NYX Cosmetics, and they post a picture of a girl wearing incredible lipstick. If the caption says, “Thanks to so-and-so …,” he will click on that person. Then he starts looking through their posts and finds a picture of a lipstick that’s even better than the one they posted of NYX. He clicks on that one and sees who liked it and just keeps going. You click through ten different people and 20 different comments until you’re like, What is this brand? I’ve never even heard of them! That’s when his company reaches out.

How can we find him and the link to his store?
Follow him  @RPNYC  on Instagram.

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