5 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Natural Hair And Don’t Even Know It!

Hello My Curlies:

We all have different sleep habits but when it comes to your curly hair night time regime, there are some important things to remember in order to avoid damaging your locks. To make the most of your 8 hours of sleep, and do your best to avoid these 5 natural hair don’ts!

1. Going to bed with your hair loose!

DON’T go to bed with your hair completely out without braids, twists, a bun, or a satin bonnet. I understand there will be times when this can slide just like with removing your makeup but it’s better for your hair to get it night time ready. We put on night clothes to go to bed right? Put your hair to bed as well. Sleeping with your hair entirely loose leaves your hair very prone to friction, breakage and tangles.

 2. Going to bed with loose ends!!

This one I am guilty of doing 90% of the time. I use the pineapple method at night but I leave my ends out. This is NOT a good idea. Whether you pineapple or do a bun tuck those ends!! This will help avoid split ends and prevent further damage to already damaged, brittle, or dry hair.

3. Sleeping on a cotton pillow case!

Never sleep with your hair touching your cotton pillow or sheets. Cotton quickly absorbs moisture and creates friction, leaving your natural hair not only dry, but frizzy. Instead, cover your hair with a silk bonnet or cover your pillow with a satin pillow case.

4. Say bye bye to your nightly Felicia braids! natural+hair+product+guide

DON’T feel the need to do up your hair with highly manipulative styles every night. Think braids and twists. Of course it’s a good thing to twist up your hair at night to avoid tangles and make morning styling way easier but remember to be gentle.

5. Elastic Bands

No elastic bands EVER. Not on your ends or anywhere on your hair. Try to use satin scrunchies but if that is not possible then use fabric bands. The rubber from the elastic bands get caught in your hair causing breakage.

What is your night time curly hair routine?

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