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We’ve all seen them, those different colored creams that are known as color correctors. Many concealer palettes have them, Elf has primers in green and yellow, Make Up For Ever has a whole line of various colors,  but do you know what the colors mean or how to properly use them? I didn’t so I decided to do some research and here is what I found out:


CORRECTORS VS CONCEALERS, what’s the difference?

Correctors are different from concealers, because concealers conceal the problem areas but correctors actually neutralize the area which seemingly is more effective because it sort of zaps out the problem before you conceal the flaws. I liken this to cleaning up your house thoroughly as opposed to just throwing everything into the nearest closet so that all looks clean.

Now that we have the definition down it is time to understand the different color correctors

The Color Basics

1. The color green neutralizes red, so people with lots of redness such as rosacea need a green corrector to counteract the color before adding their foundation or concealer. Lighter skin tones will benefit the most with these correctors.

2. Darker skin tones have hyper-pigmentation and discoloration. They will need neutralizing colors such as oranges and reds to counteract the darkness.

3. If you have dull bland skin that needs a little pick-me-up, you will need a lavender/light purple type corrector to brighten the skin.

Some important things to consider: Opposites are not correct but same is the name of the game!

1. Darker skin tones do not only need oranges and lavenders. If you have dark skin, you need dark peach/orange colors and darker colors for the corrector to neutralize. If you were to use a light color it would not have enough pigment to make a difference when you conceal.

2. Lighter skin tones will need lighter colors. Think yellows, light peaches, lavenders, light greens and so on. Darker correctors are too heavy and will have too much pigment for your skin tone.

image credit: gorgeousingrey

image credit: gorgeousingrey

(L to R: Bobbi Brown corrector in Dark Peach, Maybelline corrector in yellow. See the difference between the yellow corrector and the dark peach? One has a darker pigment than the other. Dark Peach works great for darker skin tones, while yellow is better for lighter skin tones)

credit: gorgeousingrey

credit: gorgeousingrey

(L to R: Bobbi Brown Very Deep Bisque, Bobbi Brown Dark Peach. Both of these shades will suit darker skin tones)

Most correctors will come by way of primer like Smashbox uses green and apricot primers:

s1350016-main-hero-300apricot- conceals under eye circles, veins and sunspots

s1350024-main-hero-300green- minimizes redness

So will you use color correctors?

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Do You Know How To Use Makeup Color Correctors Correctly?

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  1. Lolo this was so helpful. I’ve been seeing a lot about color correctors but didn’t know where to begin. Thanks so much for clearing this up. I can always count on you for helpful posts.


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