Would You Try The Feathered Brow Look?


brow guru Kristie Streicher

Have you heard of the feathered brow technique? “It’s what I’ve been doing for years, but I’ve only just now trademarked it,” says Kristie Streicher, the bi-coastal brow guru behind so many of New York and L.A.’s most perfectly groomed arches. Her simple technique involves tweezing the arch to open up the eye, but going easy on the ends (the back, or “tails,” and front, or “sprouts,” as she calls them), taking only every other hair for a look that is softer, slightly longer, and with the feathered quality. “It’s basically just taking the hairs that you need to and leaving the majority—cleaning it up without being too contrived,” she explains.

“Most people think they need to take a lot of their brow away to shape it,” says Streicher, whose own brows border on modern-day Brooke Shields. Her strategy “keeps it full and looks like ‘I’ve done nothing; I just have great brows.’ ”

In a recent interview with goop.com, Streicher opened up about her brow mantra:

The Feathered Brow technique I created looks great on every face. It is simply your own natural eyebrow shape with just a few carefully selected hairs removed. Women can achieve this look at home by first letting their eyebrows grow out for 3-4 months in order to see their natural shape and arch. Then only tweeze the few hairs it takes to open up the outer arch of the brow.

image credit: goop.com

image credit: goop.com

How far out should you pluck?

The biggest mistake women make is not finding their own natural arch. Eyebrows that are too long and come too far down can make eyes look droopy. If you try to arch your eyebrows too high above the bone, it will look unnatural. You should tweeze little or no hair from the ends of the brows, and you always want to make sure the brows are trailing off in an upward and outward direction, and never downward.

To find your natural arch: Draw an invisible line from the corner of the nose straight up towards the forehead (a). This is where the eyebrows should start. The arch should fall just outside the pupil if you’re holding the pencil at a diagonal from the outer corner of the nostril (b). The eyebrow should extend and then end in a straight line from outer nostril to the end of the eye (c).

brow-graphic2She goes on to say that we need to put our brows in “brow rehab” this is done by putting down the tweezers for 2-3 months and retraining the brows to regrow full and healthy.

She is also against waxing stating that you cannot achieve the feathered look with waxing and that over time waxing breaks down the elasticity of the the skin and can lead to sagging.

Could you rock this feathered brow look?


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