Review Of My July Olia Subscription Box

Hello Fashionistas:

So last month I posted my Olia Box subscription but in case you missed it, this is what I received in my June Box:

$RQ4OXMZI was not a huge fan of this necklace and as of yet I haven’t worn it. I have worn the bangles a couple of times and the earrings I think once. I subscribed to the box probably about 6 months ago at a cost of $35 per month for 3-4 jewelry items.

Here is my July Box:

olia1editedI do like the necklace but it is identical (except for a different colors) to the one I received in my May box from them. Even though the bracelets are a different texture, they are clearly the same style as the June Box.

My Decision & Review

I have decided to cancel my monthly subscription with Olia because I am just not satisfied with the style of jewelry that I am receiving. I would rather take the $35 I am giving them and purchase a necklace that better fits my style from Baublebar I feel that I have given the company a fair assessment and time to show me what they can do for me. I like statement necklaces and dainty earrings. Although the company has followed my requests with this, the style is not my style. I am going to have to rate them with…

A Flop thumbs-down-emojiHave you ever had to cancel a subscription box?

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