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I purchased Anastasia’s Artist Palette when it first came out and I featured it in my post about my favorite go-to eye palettes for the work week see post here but now I am going to have to add a newly found favorite!!My Palettes

Move over Artist Palette…I’ve Got Another Loveheart

Anastasia-Beverly-Hills-Shadow-Couture-Palette-SwatchesOMG look at these colors they are freakin amazing and the eye looks are endless. I haven’t put this palette down since it arrived in the mail 3 days ago. I think I dream about what the next day’s look is going to be. The Morocco, Soft Peach, and Fudge are the best crease and transition shades it seems like I always start there. I am having so much fun with this palette and I am now an avid Anastasia fan and will purchase every single one of her palettes from this day forward. Scouts honor!

MOTD Day 1 Look Products Used:

Crease Work

  • soft peach
  • morocco
  • fudge
  • noir


  • pink champagne
  • spoiled


  • House of lashes-Iconic


Do you own any Anastasia Beverly Hills Palettes?

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MOTD: Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture Palette Makeup Look & And Review

8 thoughts on “MOTD: Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture Palette Makeup Look & And Review

  1. So beautiful I love it!! Which set of the Morophe brushes do you have? I’ve been wanting to buy them but there’s so many on their website I don’t know where to begin LOL


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