Hello Beauties:

Today I am doing part 2 of my series on Eye Shadow Colors You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Rock. If you missed Part 1 just click here.


my copper eyeseditedSmoked out lids often take the gold when choosing a shade for a bold and often holiday inspired look, but what about copper or gold? Admittedly, it can be a trickier shade to pull off than the traditional silver, but the risk pays off when done right as copper can warm up your complexion and brighten up your whole look. If an all gold lid is too much out of your comfort zone then you can do like YouTuber Carli Bybel did a prom video and use the gold color as an under eye liner.

Image credit: The Beauty Bybel

Image credit: The Beauty Bybel


This shade can be tricky because it doesn’t work for every eye color but does look exceptionally good on brown eyes. Many beauty gurus steer clear of it, but you can still wear blue if you take these tips from Makeup Geek founder Marlena about blue shadows.

  1. Pair the blue with a neutral color such as brown, tan, or even gray the neutral will offset the brightness of the blue
  2. Use blue in moderation keep it to just the lid, under the lower lash line, or as an accent in the outer V
  3. Choose your blues wisely.  If you feel the color is too bright, go for a deeper blue to replace your everyday brown or black.
  4. If you use a brighter blue, use a matte finish as the frosty or glittery finish makes the blue almost too much to handle

Black Smoky

black on me2The black smoky eye should be reserved for a nighttime look and can be amped up by adding glitter. I did this eye with a winged liner which I would only wear if I were going out and never as an everyday look. It is important to really smoke out the eyelid and get progressively lighter as you move upward towards the brow. The other thing to remember is to tight line the eye so that everything appears seamlessly black.

Eye Shadow Colors You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Rock Part 2

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