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Eye shadow is the bomb.com, I think I own enough eyeshadow to give at least half of the Chicago population a fantastic smoky eye. Everyone needs that go-to palette, you know the one that is like their baby to them and if you don’t have that palette yet, you’ll be sure to fall in love with one of these.

As the saying goes: “eyes are the windows to the soul,” well if this is the case we better be sure that our eyelids look gorgeous and fab. Let’s get started!

 1. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection – $49

eyeshadow too faced chocolate barFirst of all, packaging is everything. This palette looks like a chocolate bar and at that my favorite: Mr. Goodbar and that make me happy inside! This will bring you happiness with every use because it smells like chocolate since it contains COCOA POWDER. The colors are gorgeous, too and it has many pinkish, plum and brown neutrals that range from matte to shimmer.

2. Coastal Scents 252 Ultimate Palette – $29.95

eye shadow palettes coastal scents 252 ultimate

So I bought this a few months ago when it was on sale for 50% off. It has every color you can possibly need or think of and the colors are SUPER pigmented.  Even though it’s not an everyday neutral palette, it is perfect for adding a pop of color. Plus it’s a great deal for the amount of shadows you get!


3. Maybelline The Nudes Palette – $9.99

eye shadow maybelline the nudesThis is a perfect everyday neutral palette! There’s a mix of matte and shimmery shades and the palette nice a small so its an easy traveling companion. Then look at the price and sometimes drugstores have sales so that price could be even less.

4. Urban Decay Electric Pigment Pressed Palette – $49

eye shadow electric palette

This is another palette that is not really for an everyday look but it’s still something you would love to have in your makeup arsenal for those times you are feeling daring. These electric shades range from matte to shimmer and the colors are Very pigmented

5. Smashbox Full Exposure Palette – $52

eye shadow smashbox full exposureThis palette is stunningly gorgeous and is perfect for day-to-night looks. The sky’s the limit with this palette because you can smoke the eye or just use for a neutral eye looks. These neutrals have so many finishes and every color will totally get its fair share of use.

6. Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection – $36

eye shadow neutral nude Okay, you know how some of your eye shadow palettes you tend to only use one or two colors and hardly ever touch the others? This palette is so flawless and has such complimentary colors that you will totally get use out of every color. Each shade is gorgeous and neutral and offers different tones from dusty rose to golden shades. The names of the shades themselves make you feel sexy after applying them.

7. Stila Eyes Are the Window™ Shadow Palettes – $49

eye shadow stila eyes are the window

These come in a few different shades (Body, Spirit, Soul & Mind). They are all pretty and shimmery or matte colors that are sure to make your eyes stand out. Stila totally was vibing with the popular quote I referred to in the beginning of my post.

8. Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette $30

abh artist paletteThis is probably one of my most used palettes due to its super bright and fun pigmented colors. I just purchase her new shadow couture palette and I think these two will be used quite a bit. Everything Anastasia does is well thought out and calculating. That women is a genius in makeup.


9. NARS “And God Created The Woman” Palette – $59

eye shadow nars god

Yes He did and quite beautifully I might add. Of course this palette had big shoes to fill or should I say pans to fill and it did just that with its unique collection of shades. These shadows are bound to give anyone that sultry and sexy movie star look. Although the price is a little steep keep in mind that this palette does come with an eye shadow primer and an eye brush! Bonus.

10. Melt Cosmetics Love Sick and Dark Matter Stacks $48 each

Melt-Eyeshadow-Stack-ReviewAlthough these are not considered palettes they are nonetheless must haves. Sold in a 4pc stackable magnetized shadow the colors are to die for. Love sick on the right has beautiful hues and that top shade called Amelie is so shimmery I love to use it on my lids. The Dark Matter stack on the left is currently sold out and should be restocking soon I hope because I don’t own this one but I’ve been waiting to grab it.

There are way more palettes that I could list but we would be here until tomorrow viewing all of them so I had to break it into 10 good ones that I feel will give any beginning makeup lover or someone looking to increase their palettes a good solid start.  I did not provide links because there are so many places out there to purchase these items.

What is your favorite eye shadow palette?

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10 Eye Shadow Palettes That Will Give You Life

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