Hello Beauties:

We all have to do it: Clean your makeup brushes! One by one we dip our brush in whatever concoction we deem appropriate from alcohol and Dr. Bronners soap to a mixture of alcohol, dish soap, and olive oil, but what if I told you there is a solution coming soon that will cut your brush cleaning time in half?

image credit: glamour.com

image credit: glamour.com

The Lilumia Brush Cleaner Device holds up to 6 brushes all at the same time and only needs soap and water. The rotation of the device is supposed to remove any and all harmful bacteria, dirt, and the makeup that cakes up on our brushes all without damaging any of the bristles. Glamour magazine said: ” Think of it like a vacuum cleaner meets a Clarisonic but for brushes.”

Now this baby is an investment so maybe it should be reserved for the makeup lovers that have a wide assortment of brushes otherwise the $149 price tag may not be such a cost-effective purchase. In the long run you will save countless minutes of time by not having to clean your brushes by hand. Be on the watch for the launch of Lilumia on August 7th. Click Here

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A Washing Machine For Makeup Brushes? ? It Is Coming Soon…

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