Love/Hate Tag!!!

Hello Everyone:

I have been nominated by the lovely adorebeauty2 to take part in the love/hate tag please visit her awesome site and if you aren’t following her then you need to!

So here are the rules list ten things you love and ten things you hate then you nominate ten people to do the same.

10 things I love.

  1. God – I am by no means religious but I have a strong sense of spirituality and I reverence God in everything that I do because I believe that without him nothing I do is possible. I try to always remain humble so that I can continue to receive his blessings in my life. I take nothing for granted and I value my life and the lives of those I love everyday because tomorrow is not promised to anyone.
  2. Writing – My background is in journalism and I’ve always had a passion for writing. I decided to start blogging a little over a month ago and I think I’ve posted like 80 stories in that short time. I am a teacher so I am off for the summer and have all day to devote to blogging. I am not sure how easy it will be for me once I return to work but my hope and prayer is that one day soon I will be able to leave the classroom and devote myself to blogging.
  3. Retail therapy  – I have to share this passion with adorebeauty2 because I cannot go long without shopping. I make weekly runs to my favorite stores and I never leave without something new.
  4. Makeup – Oh my let’s just say I have a slight addiction to makeup and it kind of started all of a sudden. I always considered myself an amature when it comes to makeup application but I started watching Youtube videos and trying it out and now I am in love. I still have a long way to go but practice makes perfect and I can see my skills increasing.
  5. Being Naturally curly I love my decision to go back to natural almost 2 years ago. I am loving getting to know my curls and not having to worry about if it rains and I don’t have an umbrella. I can now give my hubby the best of both worlds because he can have the straight haired lady and the curly-haired lady whenever he likes!
  6. YouTube I follow so many great people on YouTube and there is a lot of talent to see there. Everyday I look to see who posted a new video and what I can glean from them.
  7. Pintrerest – This is my go to app for fashion and mostly things for my classroom. They also have a lot of neat DIY ideas for around the house.
  8. Instagram –I think I use IG more than I do Facebook. I get a lot of my makeup inspirations from there and you can find out about celebrity gossip, makeup launches, etc.
  9. My Cellphone – I have a Samsung Galaxy 6 and I cannot live without my phone. I am constantly on it and I have downloaded all of the apps tha I need to function. I am seldom without my cell phone.

Ten things I hate

  1. People that lie – If you lie then you serve no purpose in my life because I won’t trust you. I have zero tolerance for liars period.
  2. Fake people -I do not like fake people at all. If you don’t like don’t have or are not please please don’t fake like you are. Fake people are worse than rude people sometimes because at least I know where a rude person is coming from but fake people you always have to read between the lines.
  3. Bad wardrobe days – My whole day is off when my outfit is not right. Somedays I just don’t make it happen with my outfit and I feel off all day. I love when I feel good about my outfit and I can walk around and not feel uncomfortable.
  4. Weight gain – I am always on a diet because I’ve either fallen off of the wagon and started eating badly or I have put on a pound or two. I’m always analyzing my weight and I feel best when I am at my comfortable weight.
  5. Waking up early – I am not a morning person and I dread it every morning when my alarm clock sounds at 5:30. Right now I am on break so its nice to sleep in as long as I want to but in a few more weeks I will be back to my 5:30 am mornings…ugh!
  6.  People that come to your house unannounced– This is a big pet peeve of mine. I think it is common courtesy to phone a person to see if it’s okay to stop by before stopping by!!
  7. Being sick – I don’t even need to explain this one I just hate it!
  8. Cooking – I think cooking gets so boring and I do not like having to plan out meals like 7 days a week. I am happy all day until it gets close to dinner time then I start to get sad because I have to come up with a meal.
  9. Small quarters – I do not like being in small spaces. It makes me hyperventilate and drives me crazy.
  10. Racist– I always take people for who they are and not their skin color or where they live. I do not like it when people just decide they don’t like someone simply because their skin color is different. We all bleed red people really..

Now its your turn!

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8 thoughts on “Love/Hate Tag!!!

  1. This is such a fun tag! 80 stories in over a month is so incredibly impressive, I wish I could have that determination! Thank you again for the nomination, I can’t wait to do this tag as well ❤

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