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If you’re into fashion then you’ve undoubtedly heard of Topshop. It’s a pretty popular clothing line and a popular go-to fashion item for many well-known bloggers in cyberville. Although some of their price points can make you cringe at times, they offer unique styleable fashion that is timeless making the steep price look more inviting.

The company is making two changes that are newsworthy.

Announcement #1

Topshop is joining the ranks of H&M and others by launching its first ever sustainable clothing collection. What does all this mean? Sustainable fashion (also called ethical fashion) is recycled clothing made from conscious materials such as organic leather, natural rubber and recycled wood. Called “Topshop Reclaim” the collection features 20 new designs made entirely from spare material and fabric remnants from their existing stock.

Other companies that sell sustainable fashions

hnm-shortsThese shorts are made from recycled polyester and sold by H&M

twisted-hex-stack-bangle-goldThis necklace is made from fair trade gold and sold by creedjewellery.com

What will the collection look like? Here is a sneak peak of a few items in the collection


image credit: stylist.co.uk


image credit: stylist.co.uk


image credit: stylist.co.uk

The new 20-piece collection will be available beginning July 16th at their online store.

Announcement #2

Popular Singer and Model Ciara will be Topshop’s New Brand Ambassador for the USA.

image credit: rap-up.com

image credit: rap-up.com

The 29-year-old who is dating Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, was recently named brand ambassador by Topshop owner Sir Philip Green while at the Fashion Retail Academy Awards in London last week. She will not be alone Beyoncé teamed up with the company to launch Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd. which is a street wear brand.

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2 Huge Announcements From Popular Clothing Line Topshop!!

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