Hello Curlies:

Today I had an epiphany as I was trying to style my naturally curly hair. I noticed that my curls seemed limp

image courtesy of YouTuber Tootsie Time

image courtesy of YouTuber Tootsie Time

and almost fragile which was out of the norm for my hair. I realized that the only way I could identify a problem with my hair was because I have learned my hair and I know what it’s saying to me. When you first go natural you spend months maybe years trying to learn your hair, its texture, and what products your hair responds to best. There are no one size fits all in natural hair. What works for me may not work for you so this is a journey you will have to walk and experience solo. Of course we take and make suggestions which is fine, but don’t hang your hat on others recommendations unless you are 100% sure it is working for your curls.

The fact that my hair seemed limp let me know that I need to do a protein treatment to strengthen my hair bonds. I deep condition my hair weekly with a good deep conditioner and sit under a hooded dryer but sometimes your hair needs more and you have to listen to it.

Reasons your hair may need some extra TLC

  • your hair is color treated with peroxide or henna


  • Sometimes our hair’s lack luster is due to using a flatiron or a protective style gone wrong

    image courtesy of blackgirllonghairdontcare

    image courtesy of blackgirllonghairdontcare

  • the environment and change in elements leaves your hair feeling and looking dry like tumbleweeds. I live in Georgia and we are experiencing high humidity which makes the temp feel like it is in the triple digits so my hair needs a lot more moisture because the sun is basically sucking all of the natural oils out of it.


  • water conditions- sometimes hard water can be harsh on natural hair by leaving iron deposits so a clarifying rinse may be in order.

What are the benefits of protein treatments?

Hair is made up of over 90 percent of the protein best known as keratin. When our hair gets damaged by normal weathering, chemical treatments, sun exposure, pollution, washing, drying, combing, and styling heat use, it can be only temporarily mended by protein. A protein treatment works by filling in gaps present on your hair strand and forming a temporary bond. In order for a protein treatment to be effective it must contain hydrolyzed proteins, which just means the size of the protein must be small enough to attach to the hair shaft. Because the mending of your hair is only temporary, you can’t do just one protein treatment a year. Your hair will thrive if you regularly incorporate protein treatments in your hair regimen. I suggest anywhere from 1-6 weeks depending on the condition of your hair and the type of protein treatment you are using. There are many types of protein treatments and the kind you need is based on the condition of your hair.

So in a nutshell if you are natural then you need to incorporate a protein treatment into your natural hair care regimen!

Do you incorporate protein treatments in your regimen? Which are your favorites?

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