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We are accustomed to women creating the fashions we all love to wear and for the most part it is women who are our top designers but I think you will be excited about two men that are tossing their hats into the fashion cesspool by launching their very own clothing line.

Brandon Maxwell

Brandon Maxwell

Brandon Maxwell

Mr. Maxwell might know a couple of things about fashion since he is personal stylist to Lady Gaga since 2012. His bio reads as follows on his website.

Brandon Maxwell is a fashion stylist and designer based out of New York City, who has gained recognition for his glamorous, ultra-dynamic sensibilities and the iconic images he creates in collaboration with some of the world’s most esteemed artists and creators.
Move over Jeremy Scott, you won’t be the only male designer in this years New York Fashion Week in September because Brandon Maxwell will be their to show off his first ready-to-wear collection.
What will the line look like?
According to the blog wwd.com the collection is geared toward evening with an emphasis on lean black suiting and gowns that are more democratically designed than what Gaga is known to wear. “It’s important that it’s humble and taken seriously,” said Maxwell. “I want women to want to wear the clothes, and I want people to say it was well-made and well thought out.”
David Beckham David-Beckham-face-closeup
Mr. Beckham’s fashions won’t be seen at NYFW but its new home can be found in H&M Stores across the globe later this year. There isn’t an official launch date but it seems that he is following in the steps of his talented wife who also has a clothing line. His line will be exclusively for men and it’s a collaboration with business partner Simon Fuller. The former football star has already created an underwear line with the giant H&M and has raised his fashion profile even further with numerous collaborations with brands such as Adidas and Belstaff, but having his own fashion label is a huge deal because this is his baby.  You can look for campaign ads to start soon and feature comedian Kevin Hart. The pair will be seen wearing matching outfits and a slogan of who wore it better. Behind the scenes sneak peaks have been popping up on Instagram.
I am happy for men with the launch of Beckham’s line because his style is just down right sexy and hopefully will that will translate into his label.
What kind of style do you think Beckham will come out with?
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Two Male Celebrities Will Launch Their Own Clothing Line This Fall

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