The Method Every Naturally Curly Head Should Be Using

Hello My Curlies;

It’s been awhile since I did a post for my Curlies and I apologize if any of you may feel slighted. I’m a natural head forever and we are on this quest together for the perfect curl, the best product, and the healthiest hair that we can obtain, so I will ALWAYS do posts about natural hair.

Today’s topic up for discussion is a very popular technique used by many natural hair divas: THE CURLY GIRL METHOD also known as  (the no-poo). The Curly Girl Method was developed by Lorraine Massey  and she shared it with the world in her book, Curly Girl: The Handbook. Purchase the book here.  In the book she acknowledges our problems like frizz and dryness and she provides a lot of helpful advice about how to care for our hair.

The Basic Premise 

1. Curly hair, because of its construction, is drier and more prone to breakage or frizz than any other hair type.

2. SULFATES Are Bad For Our Hair: Typical shampoo contains harsh chemicals. Sulfates strip hair of its natural oils and moisture.

3. SILICONES: As most shampoos contain sulfates, most conditioners, and various other styling products (ex. serums, gels), contain silicones. They are used to make your hair shiny-looking. The only way to remove (most) silicones is with sulfates. Since with the curly girl method you won’t use any sulfates, it is important to avoid heavy silicones. If you continue to use silicones, they will build up on your hair.

So you ask…well how am I suppose to wash my hair then?

5. CO-WASHING/NO-POO: Although you can buy sulfate-free shampoos, they still tend to be too harsh to use on your curls every day. So, you can wash your hair with conditioner. Hence the name “co-washing.”

What are the benefits with using this method? My personal experience


1. Moisture and length retention. The change in the texture of my hair was immediate. I experienced less dryness which meant less breakage and that meant length retention.
2. My curls looked better and healthier. I had better curl definition with curl clumps. It was noticeable right away and it became a big push to keep it going.

I will say that once a month I do use a clarifying shampoo even if it’s just apple cider vinegar because I just feel that this will ensure my scalp is free from deposits and buildup left from the constant use of conditioners.

Do you use the curly girl method?







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