Hello Beauties:

I would like to introduce to some and present to others a new foundation that is getting a lot of attention. Jaclyn Hill endorses it and I consider her the Oprah of makeup so if she says it’s worth attention then I will usually purchase from her recommendations. This foundation is vegan, gluten and cruelty free: Elcie Cosmetics. Take a look at the instagram page click here.


Lilit Caradanian

Lilit Caradanian, also famously known worldwide as the one, the only, MakeupByLilit, is the creator of Elcie. Right now she just has foundations, but she plans to launch a full makeup line in the near future.
courtesy of elcie cosmetics

courtesy of elcie cosmetics

12 colors that will be sure to become a perfect match for your skin. Retails for $45. Great for freelance makeup artists, it is a matte foundation that doesn’t settle into fine line or creases. Sweat, humidity, or any other elements will not make this foundation move. If you are interested Lilit is offering a 10% discount for the entire month of July. Use this code for the discount “Jaclyn10”.

Here is a demo using the Elcie foundation by You Tuber BeautyBird:

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A New Foundation Line Worth Talking About

16 thoughts on “A New Foundation Line Worth Talking About

  1. Omg, thank goodness for your post! Lol I was looking for this foundation like crazy yesterday all over the internet! lol thanks 🙂 I’m super eager to try it!


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