Would You Try The Feathered Brow Look?

brow guru Kristie Streicher

Have you heard of the feathered brow technique? “It’s what I’ve been doing for years, but I’ve only just now trademarked it,” says Kristie Streicher, the bi-coastal brow guru behind so many of New York and L.A.’s most perfectly groomed arches. Her simple technique involves tweezing the arch to open up the eye, but going easy on the ends (the back, or “tails,” and front, or “sprouts,” as she calls them), taking only every other hair for a look that is softer, slightly longer, and with the feathered quality. “It’s basically just taking the hairs that you need to and leaving the majority—cleaning it up without being too contrived,” she explains.

“Most people think they need to take a lot of their brow away to shape it,” says Streicher, whose own brows border on modern-day Brooke Shields. Her strategy “keeps it full and looks like ‘I’ve done nothing; I just have great brows.’ ”

In a recent interview with goop.com, Streicher opened up about her brow mantra:

The Feathered Brow technique I created looks great on every face. It is simply your own natural eyebrow shape with just a few carefully selected hairs removed. Women can achieve this look at home by first letting their eyebrows grow out for 3-4 months in order to see their natural shape and arch. Then only tweeze the few hairs it takes to open up the outer arch of the brow.

image credit: goop.com
image credit: goop.com

How far out should you pluck?

The biggest mistake women make is not finding their own natural arch. Eyebrows that are too long and come too far down can make eyes look droopy. If you try to arch your eyebrows too high above the bone, it will look unnatural. You should tweeze little or no hair from the ends of the brows, and you always want to make sure the brows are trailing off in an upward and outward direction, and never downward.

To find your natural arch: Draw an invisible line from the corner of the nose straight up towards the forehead (a). This is where the eyebrows should start. The arch should fall just outside the pupil if you’re holding the pencil at a diagonal from the outer corner of the nostril (b). The eyebrow should extend and then end in a straight line from outer nostril to the end of the eye (c).

brow-graphic2She goes on to say that we need to put our brows in “brow rehab” this is done by putting down the tweezers for 2-3 months and retraining the brows to regrow full and healthy.

She is also against waxing stating that you cannot achieve the feathered look with waxing and that over time waxing breaks down the elasticity of the the skin and can lead to sagging.

Could you rock this feathered brow look?


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Could You Be Deep Conditioning Your Natural Hair Too Long?

Hello Loves:

Well today I returned to work after a 2 month break. I am a teacher and although I love what I do, I love blogging even more. Not to worry, I WILL manage some how some way to juggle both so I am not going anywhere. I may post a little later than but I will still post. I just wanted you all to know what was going on with me because even though I only see pictures of some and many I have never seen I feel a connection with each and every one of you and I hope that you feel the same.

Today I wanted to discuss a common misnomer in the natural hair community. “Overnight conditioning” Many naturals feel that the longer you condition the better it will be for your hair but this is not the case. I ran across this article by The Natural Haven:

Deep Conditioning: Effect of Time and Temperature/Heat

Increasing the time you leave conditioner on hair allows more of it to adsorb with a maximum adsorption at 20- 30 minutes.

When conditioner is heated to 35°C, at 10 minutes there is slightly more than 5% on hair and at 30 minutes there is slightly more than 10%. Therefore temperature increases adsorption. The rule however remains the same in terms of no further conditioner sticking to the surface after 30 minutes.


After reading this article I realized that leaving conditioner on beyond 30 mins wasn’t going to give me healthier hair or improve absorption. In fact it was more damaging to my hair in doing so:



  • long conditioning time causes a change in the keratin that results in softening and weakening so don’t deep condition overnight or for hours on end. The obvious exception to this rule is treatments like henna, that require hours to take to the hair.
  • But for your everyday run-of-the-mill deep conditioner, it should begin to work instantly, and reach maximum capacity at around the 20 or 30 minute mark. If your deep conditioner doesn’t work after 30 minutes, it’s time to ditch it for one that’s more effective.

So how should you use deep conditioner?


  • Don’t use your deep conditioner to co-wash or as a leave-in conditioner. Deep conditioners are specially formulated to be effective at what they do which is to provide intense conditioning to the hair. Deep conditioners tend to contain higher concentrations of cationic surfactants (their primary function is to stick to the hair), and will likely lead to even more buildup if used as a co-wash or leave-in.
  • Remember that conditioners have a shelf life so you may want to store them in the fridge.
  • Don’t be fooled by the miracle conditioners that promise full bouncy curls after one application. Most deep conditioners have the same base ingredients and when looking at the label of your conditioner focus only on the first 6 ingredients because this is where the true benefits will be listed.

How long do you deep condition your hair?

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Must Have Products For The Curly Girl Method (CGM) And A 20% Off Coupon!!

Hello My Curlies:

I haven’t posted a curly post in a while but I really try to wait until I have something to say that hasn’t already been said by all of the other curly hair gurus or a new product. Today is your lucky day my curlies because I have a new product to tell you about that I am pretty sure you will want to grab. **Be sure to scroll to the bottom for your 20% coupon code**

Most of us transitioned to natural hair because we wanted to have healthier hair right? In order to have curly hair we have to be mindful of the products we use. I’ve stated before that I practice the curly girl method (CGM) which is only using sulfate and paraben free products and limiting shampoos to as needed. Otherwise I co-wash my hair with conditioner and I deep condition my hair once a week. These products were sent to me to  review and I’ve been using them for a little over a week now and I must say that I’m very impressed.

Maple Holistics Silk 18 & Aussage Gel

silk18-1editedThe company prides itself in a holistic approach. The definition of holistic is the identification of the theory that the focus is part of a bigger picture. For therapeutic products, a holistic approach would be to synergize natural properties to assist in all components within the entire problem as opposed to focusing on an isolated symptom. They also pride themselves in the following:

  • All products are backed by 100% quality guarantee
  • They offer a money back guarantee
  • They have a customer service line to call if you need assistance with any of their products
  • Only the purest and highest quality ingredients are used in each product

Silk 18 Conditioner


Product Information

The formula has a gentle conditioning platform with 18 naturally derived silk amino acids. The results of using this conditioner on a regular basis are strengthening of your hair’s fibers and restoration of overall health to your hair. This is mainly due to the botanical keratin included in the conditioner that contributes to the overall composition of the hair. The Silk 18 elite formula ncludes shea butter, sea buckthorn, pomegranate, argan, aloe vera, jojoba, green tea, hibiscus, botanical keratin, and more.

My Review

  • When your hair is frizzy and unmanageable it is normally due to lack of protein and keratin so this conditioner does the job. My hair is so much softer and manageable. It’s like a love affair each morning after I wet my hair and put the Silk 18 on, my hair does its magic and gives me no problems.
  • The smell is amazing!! A smell of vanilla and honey is the closest that I can attribute the smell to. I use it as a leave in everyday after I wet my along with the Assuage gel do the work needed.

Assuage Hair Gel

assuageProduct Information

We all know that some gels can be harsh on natural hair due to the alcohol level but this gel contains soft and nourishing ingredients including Ginseng Root Extract, Sage Leaf Extract, Golden Jojoba Oil, and Bergamot Oil. It contains no artificial fragrances, no artificial coloring, and is sulfate-free.

My Review

This gel smells so good. It smells like lemongrass oil and it’s lightweight. This is not the type of gel you would use if you wanted a styling gel because it isn’t heavy enough for that. It also is not an edge control gel. I just put it on after I use the Silk 18 and scrunch my hair all over and it makes my curls perfect without the dry feeling. My curls are soft, shiny, and bouncy.

silk18-4natural hairThe company was gracious enough to provide all of my readers with a 20%off coupon code use this code at checkout: MAPLEPRO

** Disclaimer** I was contacted by this company and asked to do a review. The products were sent to me at no cost and this review is based on my own words and experiences with the products. I will always be honest about any product that I am asked to review. The company also has a bath and body and skin care line as well as many other hair products. Visit the site here.

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Slimquick Pure: Is It Just Another Diet Fad Or Does It Really Work?

Hello Loves:

Many of us have experienced the ups and downs of dieting. Pounds up…pounds down! BMI, Low-Carb, High-protein!! The list of tried, true, and epic diet fails are endless. We’ve all have heard the promises backed by every product guaranteeing results in 3 days, 1 week, 30 days etc. only to be disappointed so why on earth would you want to hear about yet another diet product? But the product I am going to tell you about is worth listening to because 1) it isn’t a fad diet with a meal plan to follow, and 2) I’ve tried it and experienced it for myself so this is not a try this product post, this is a let me tell you about a product that worked for me and you decide if it is for you or not post.

Slimquick Pure

pure-drink-mix-diet-aid-a13I tried the mixed berries flavor. They come in individual packets that you just add to water or you can make it a smoothie mixed with your favorite fruits. The extra strength formula helps women lose 3X the weight as you would with just healthy eating!

Product Features

  • Designed with women in mind
  • Addresses the 6 physical reasons women have trouble losing weight (metabolism, stress, appetite, hormones, water, energy)
  • Taste good and has 0 calories
  • You can carry it in your purse so its easy to grab n go.
  • Contains natural ingredients like antioxidants, calcium, vitamin D, and BioPure Green Tea™
  • The BioPure Green Tea™ contains an isolated fat-burning component that helps your body metabolize faster.
  • Their studies have shown that women on the Slimquick lose 3 times the weight versus dieting alone in just 13 weeks.
  • This product is conveniently available at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Publix, Kroger, Supervalu and Ahold. You can also purchase it here 

10175236_1649509078597445_345072011_neditedMy Results:

  • The first day you mix one packet with 16.9oz of water and shake until dissolved in the morning and one serving in the afternoon both with food.
  • The 2nd day you take 2 servings in the morning and 1 serving in the afternoon
  • Day 3 and onward you take 2 servings in the morning and 2 servings in the afternoon.

I began the drinks on Monday July 16th and weighed 164.3 and as of July 23rd I weigh 161.2. That’s 3.1 pounds in 1 week! My goal weight is 150 so I still have a ways to go but this loss was without working out and just eating a healthy clean diet so I have no reason to stop with this post.

Will I continue to use SlimQuick Pure after today? The answer is emphatically YES.

I mixed mine with water but if you search the web, you will find other clever ways of making good drinks.

**Disclaimer** This is a sponsored post and the product was sent to me to review. Although this is a sponsored post, all of the words and views are based on my personal experience using the product and it is 100% honest.

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MOTD: Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture Palette Makeup Look With A Pop Of Color

Hello Beauties:

The other day I told you about my new eyeshadow palette obsession:

My Newly-Found Loveheart

Anastasia-Beverly-Hills-Shadow-Couture-Palette-SwatchesThe colors are soooo pigmented and vibrant that I just cannot seem to put it down. I am having too much fun creating different combinations of colors. The Morocco, Soft Peach, and Fudge seem to be my go-to crease shades but this time I decided to add a pop of color sort of last minute or shoud I say after the fact. I will show you the before and after the fact photos:

MOTD Products Used:

Crease Work

  • soft peach
  • morocco
  • fudge


  • Intense gaze
  • Pink champagne as an inner corner highlight


  • House of lashes-Iconic


  • MAC Heroine matte lipstick

I began taking pictures and I kept thinking that my eyes were missing something. Then I realized that I did not do a liner which was a total oversight on my part. So instead of my traditional black or dark brown liner I stepped outside the box with this:

metoday-5editedI used Knicknak Blue liquid liner and it gave my eyes the pick-me-up it needed.


Which eye look do you like best?

I post makeup look almost every day so be sure to follow me on Instagram here

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Angel Merino’s (Mac_Daddy) New Lipstick Line Launch Update

Hello My Beauties:

Last week in my lipstick launches you don’t want to miss post I told you about Angel Merino’s (aka Mac_Daddy) lipstick but everything was tight-lipped. Well the lips unsealed today with his announcement and preview of his new lipstick line:

11410392_932634643445500_1262838872_nCalled Haute Splash the new line will feature 4 gorgeous shades that are now available for pre-sale here

11423659_112772245733529_1323519163_nThese shades retail for $16.99 and will ship out Tuesday July 28th. Be the first to grab your colors before they sell out. His highlighters always sell out so I am sure these babies will too.

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Review Of My July Olia Subscription Box

Hello Fashionistas:

So last month I posted my Olia Box subscription but in case you missed it, this is what I received in my June Box:

$RQ4OXMZI was not a huge fan of this necklace and as of yet I haven’t worn it. I have worn the bangles a couple of times and the earrings I think once. I subscribed to the box probably about 6 months ago at a cost of $35 per month for 3-4 jewelry items.

Here is my July Box:

olia1editedI do like the necklace but it is identical (except for a different colors) to the one I received in my May box from them. Even though the bracelets are a different texture, they are clearly the same style as the June Box.

My Decision & Review

I have decided to cancel my monthly subscription with Olia because I am just not satisfied with the style of jewelry that I am receiving. I would rather take the $35 I am giving them and purchase a necklace that better fits my style from Baublebar I feel that I have given the company a fair assessment and time to show me what they can do for me. I like statement necklaces and dainty earrings. Although the company has followed my requests with this, the style is not my style. I am going to have to rate them with…

A Flop thumbs-down-emojiHave you ever had to cancel a subscription box?

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