Razor vs. Epilator: Which Is The Best Option For You?

Hello Lovelies:

With summer in full effect chances are you’ve moved those sleeveless tops to the forefront of your daily wardrobe essentials. Sleeveless tops mean paying closer attention to underarm hair. The question is not whether you are a shaver but which product should you use to get the job done? Up for comparison are your average razor and an epilator! For the sake of this post, I will review the product that I have the most experience with:

emoji epilator

The Emoji Optima

An epilator is an electrical device used to remove hair by grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out from the root. Similar to waxing except it doesn’t remove cells from the epidermis.

The benefits of using an epilator

  • provides lasting smoothness that can last up to 4 weeks. Removing hair from the root means the hair takes longer to grow back and it grows back softer and finer than before.
  • great for sensitive skin so if you normally see bumps after shaving with razors, an epilator will prevent this problem.
  • hair grows back less noticeable because when the hair follicle regrows the tip is narrower and becomes softer and finer.
  • if you have a low pain tolerance and flinch when receiving waxing services, you can use the epilator in the shower or bath to soften the skin making it less painful. There are also pre-epilation wipes on the market that will soothe the skin after using.
  • more cost efficient than razors because you won’t need to shave as much saving money in the long run.
  • hair grows back lighter which is really beneficial for women of color that normally have dark underarms.

Word of caution

As with anything worth having or using they all come with a tradeoff. Although the epilator will save you time and money in the long run it can be a little painful on the first go and will take getting use to before you become a pro to the pain. Remember the hairs are being pulled out from the root! You also may experience some redness and slight swelling the first time but this will go away after an hour or two.

My choice

The epilator hands down. I will probably never go back to a razor to shave my underarms. I still use a razor on my legs and other parts, but never a razor on my underarms. I get the smoothest all round best shave and I am so used to it now that I don’t feel any pain. There are numerous epilators on the market so chose the one that best fits your needs. I’ve had my epilator for over 3 years and I think that my model is discontinued on the Emoji site but I’m sure you could grab one on Ebay or Amazon. If you want to see what other epilators Emoji sells click here.

Do you use an epilator?

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4 thoughts on “Razor vs. Epilator: Which Is The Best Option For You?

  1. would you suggest the epilator for the bikini line as well? I’ve never used one before but I would like a substitute for waxing.


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