OOTD: Royal Blue Pencil Skirt

Hello Lovelies:

royal blue skirt setI can’t explain the love I have for a pencil skirt and some heels. Can I just say: SEXY. I am wearing this outfit over the weekend but I was just too geeked that I had to share now. I am a big fan for a sale and I rarely pay full price for my clothes. After the store does their initial markup they will start dropping the price at least every 30 days and this will go on until the item(s) are moved to the clearance racks. My method is to wait until it goes on sale because this is when I am getting the item(s) for closest to its original cost. When merchandise first hits the racks they are coming to you (the consumer) at a 100% + markup which is how stores make their profit. I am not trying to make them rich so why give them extra money? Okay so that was your lesson in Retail 101.

Since I do a lot of bargain shopping links will not always be provided but I will always try to provide a link to a similar item.

royal blue skirt set3

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