Hello My Beauties:

It’s Tried and True Tuesday and I’ve got another must-have goodie for you to add to your makeup bag. ♥ They say that our brows are the shoulders of our eyes. Well if that’s true then we better make sure they stay gorgeous all day long. Nobody has time for fierce brows in the morning and by the end of the day they look like some kid took a marker to them and didn’t stay inside the lines. Let’s face it, we can create the perfect line and fill in on our brows but without a good set, all your work was in vain.

Enters the miracle worker that I cannot and will not live without. Mac’s Brow Set in clear.

MAC-Brow-Set-1-Click here to purchase the Mac Brow Set $17


This should be the Holy Grail for everyone whether your brows are thick, sparse, non-existent, etc. etc. When I tell you that this gel lasts the entire day, I mean it lasts the entire day until I remove it when I wash my face at night. Even if you have bangs and they tend to rub against your brows the gel can protect them from flinching. I cannot say enough good things about this gel. The only close second to its liking is Anastasia’s Brow Gel which I have a tinted one and will use it as well.

Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gelClick here to purchase ABH Brow Gel $22

Since both are good for hold I would save myself the $5 and purchase the Mac Brow Set.

What brow gel do you use?

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A Tried And True Gel You Must Use On Your Brows

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