The How To Guide To Wearing This Season’s Stripes Trend With Any Body Type

How To Wear This Season's Stripes Trend

Dorothy Perkins black dress
$44 –

Sheath dress

Jump suit

Dolce Gabbana underwire bra

BB Dakota short shorts

Paper Dolls high waisted bathing suit
$50 –

Havaianas flip flops
$31 –

If you are one that feels stripes need to remain on the flag and not our bodies, then by the time you finish reading this article your thinking should change. Stripes are a popular trend right now, but according to fashion critics:  “Wearing Stripes Can Make You Look Bigger!” The now cliché term: Stripes going round will always add pounds” is simply just not true anymore. So don’t be so quick to throw out the stripes or bypass them on the racks because most of us can pull off the stripe trend by following a few easy tips: The key to wearing stripes is not in the stripe itself, it is in the direction of the stripes: Are they Horizontal or Vertical?
  • Match your body size. No two sizes are alike just as no two stripes are. So keep the
    Kristin Chenoweth

    Kristin Chenoweth

    size of your stripe in sync with the size of your body, ie: If you are tall and more voluptuous, then your stripes need to be bigger and wider.  Petite women should stick to small stripes that are closer together and women with a medium build should wear??? What for it: You got it, medium stripes.  YouBeauty Style Expert Sam Saboura says, “That’s going to create a lot of balance, and fuller-figured women often shy away from stripes, but no need just look for a chevron (v-shaped) stripe to call attention to the center line of your body.”


  • Layer your look. Only reserve your stripes for a portion of your outfit. Pair a striped
    Diane Kruger

    Diane Kruger

    Eva Longoria

    Eva Longoria

    shirt or skirt with a solid color pant and/or a solid color blazer. Avoid mixing stripes or wearing an all striped ensemble unless it is a one piece outfit.




  • Keep it lean. “Whatever part of your body is the leanest is where you want to put the stripes,” explainsSaboura. For example, if you are small up top and larger at the bottom,
    Courtesy of

    Courtesy of

    you should focus your stripes up top, and if you are small at the bottom and bigger at the top,  you should try a striped short or pant. Height matters to says Saboura: “Petite women want to wear small, monochromatic stripes on the upper half of the body, but tall women can get away with an entire striped outfit such as a maxi dress.”




  • Dress it up. Try a mini dress or jumper and layer it with a solid color blazer or add a pop
    Jessica Szohr courtesy of Popsugar

    Jessica Szohr courtesy of Popsugar

    of color with your accessories.  This strike of bold can also serve as a deflector that draws the eyes away from the stripes.





  • Accessorize with stripes.   For those of you still afraid of wearing stripes, start small and use stripes as an accessory like a striped shoe, handbag, or scarf. You could also pair a monochromatic outfit with a striped jacket. striped-blazer-outfit







What is your favorite way to wear stripes?


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