I don’t know about anyone else but I’m addicted to lashes. CVS is my go to store when they have a BOGO sale on Ardell Lashes. My favorites are the wispies and demi wispies.  Unfortunately there was a time when I was addicted to eyelash extensions and I wore them for many years, This resulted in my lashes being very fine, short and barely noticeable making not wearing an option, but a necessity. I never like to spend a lot on a pair of lashes because I take proper care of them.

  1. removing them nightly.
  2. using tweezers to remove any glue (sometimes I use nail polish remover if there is a build up of glue)
  3. I keep them in their original packaging so they stay shaped nicely

A full set of lashes really makes your eyes pop, making them look bigger, wider, brighter, younger and sexier. I recently purchased these babies from House of Lashes I purchased the 3pk here. after seeing many You Tube videos from Jaclyn Hill, Desi Perkins and the likes of them constantly ranting about the “Iconics.” A set of 3 costs $30 so it was definitely a huge expense that I wasn’t use to for lashes, but I had to try them out.

My Take On Them:

I did have a bit more struggles getting these on compared to my Ardell lashes, mainly due to the House of Lashes having a much thicker secure band. I kept looking at them to see if I was supposed to remove some of the band before applying because they were so thick. I’m thinking they are made this way to allow for multiple uses while staying durable.

I had to apply and reapply them at least 3 times before finally getting them to stick from end to end. I never have that problem with my Ardells. Once I finally got them on, I was pleased with the overall look. It made me look more made up even though I hadn’t applied more makeup than usual.

They also take some getting use to. Once they were applied my eyelids felt heavy and my glasses kept hitting them so I had to slide my glasses down a bit.

I am glad that I purchased them because now I have dramatic lashes for those times when I am going out,  but these will not be my everyday wears due to the issues with putting them on and the fact that they look more dramatic for everyday.

I wish that I  looked at their eye fit guide before purchasing because I have hooded eyes, and the iconics were not the pair they recommended which may explain some of my issues. Will I purchase their recommendations? Probably so but I will only purchase one pair this time to make sure that I love them. (For $12 individually and $30 for 3 pairs, I’ve got to love them and not just like them).


My Rating: On Fleekthumbs-up

I apologize for not having a before and after shot (I didn’t think about it until after..lol) but here is what they looked like **Note: the lash on my left eye by my inner corner was lifting and I didn’t realize it.**


What brand of lashes are you addicted to?


On Fleek Or A Flop: My Initial Review Of House Of Lashes

4 thoughts on “On Fleek Or A Flop: My Initial Review Of House Of Lashes

  1. These look amazing on you! I have hooded eyes as well but for some reason they look absolutely ridiculous on me. They lift really high up to the point where it is touching my eyebrows and I look quite scary haha. Do you have any more tips on applying them?


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