New Face Chart Makeup Tutorials Announcement

Hello My Beauties:

I’m about to turn in but I wanted to quickly tell you about a new niche that I am bringing to my blog. I am launching a new face chart series that will showcase makeup looks created by me and my good friend Silvia. She has so much talent with makeup application and I have been encouraging her to start a You Tube channel so the world can see just how talented she is. The face charts will showcase our makeup looks and will all be created from scratch. We will list the makeups we use, and offer tips and tricks for flawless application. Sort of like a talk through but in written form. You will be able to print what you like and recreate the looks at home! Doesn’t that sound divine? It will be like having a personal makeup artist. Here is an idea of what you can expect to see minus the products used list and tips and tricks:

face charts



So off to bed I go, but look for launch of the new makeup looks to come this week! Goodnight my makeup beauties.


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