The Best Tutorial For Achieving The Perfect Winged Eyeliner That Will Take You From Day To Night

Hello My Beauties:

Are you looking for an easy way to achieve the popular Winged Cat-Eye? Well I’ve found the best tutorial around that will for sure help you master the skill of that FELINE FLICK. If you’ve steered clear of the flick, not because you didn’t like it, but rather you didn’t know how to do it or the end result was a disaster:( One eye will look perfect and the other eye will be a flop), don’t fret my Beauties….”I Got You Girls!” You also may not know that the cat-eye is not just a trend or style but in some ways it is a necessity. It is like a bra-lift in a tub, jar, pencil or whatever you choose to use to achieve your cat flick. Think about it, as we get older we need to make everything go up ↑ and not down ↓. Other benefits are:

  • it is complimentary to all eye shapes (hood, almond, mono-lid). Using a few tweaks of course but the end result is the same. eye-shapes-and-names
  • you can take a daytime winged look into night-time without starting over. All you have to do is go in with more liner and thicken your line to make it more dramatic.

The Hooded Eye Application Tips

hooded eyes

  • do a longer line. If the line is short, you won’t see it with a hooded eye.
  • use waterproof liner. Due to your lid overlapping, regular liner may smudge throughout the day
  • make your line thicker. The thicker liner will be seen easier.
  • 86 the liner on the bottom unless you are using a lighter color otherwise your eyes will look smaller.

The Almond Eye Application Tips

almond eyes

  • keep the line thin from the inner corner to the last 2/3’s of the eye before going into a thicker line.
  • after you hit that flick, drag it across the lower lash line to really give your eye a new sexy shape.

The Mono-lid Application Tips


  • keep liner as close to the lash line as humanly possible. This will only be achieved if you use a very thin tip eyeliner.
  • as with the almond eye, you will start to go thicker as you move along the lash line.

Charlotte Tilbury is a renowned makeup artist and designer. I came across her video while searching for the best winged liner video…there are zillions out there but hers gave me everything that I needed to know and I now use her techniques so I hope it will be helpful to you as well.

Do you like wearing winged liner?


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