Will The Cavs Be Rested Enough To Win Game 5?

Some say the Cav’s loss (and not like the nail-bitters in games 1 & 2) of game 4 in the NBA finals was due to them being just flat-out tired. hqdefaultAccording to  the Cav’s coach David Blatt, “Tonight was the third game in five days, including the trip back from the West Coast, and it seemed to have an impact on us, yes.” And it looks like Warriors power forward Draymond Greene agrees saying that the Cavs were tired, and that was the teams (Warriors) intentions: that’s one thing we’ve been preaching the whole series, that we wanted to wear them down.”

Now Cleveland did use a shorter rotation and the effects caused their top 8 players to play 42 more minutes over the course of the first three games than the Warriors top spread. But Kerr flipped the script Nino Brown style in game 4.New Jack Ciy

What Was Steve Kerr’s Smart Plan?

Seems like Kerr shortened his rotation to try to match the Cavs in game 4 and this resulted in the 103-82 blowout for the Warriors. But how’d he do it? Kerr did 2 things:

  1. Kerr knew that his plan of swapping out Andrew Bogut for Andre Iguodala to go small and spread the floor would make the big boy’s of Cleveland have to work the perimeter more and this would clear the path to the basket.
  2. And he knew if the Warriors were going to capitalize on their rest edge by playing their best players more, knowing they were better rested than Cleveland’s best players, then Game 4 was a great opportunity. What he didn’t know was the great outcome of his decision. I guess hindsight is always 20/20.

A Leveled Playing Field In Game 5?

In Sunday’s  game 5 the playing field should be even for 2 reasons

  1. both teams have an extra day of rest
  2. and since the Warriors played the same short rotation as the Cavs in game 4, they both should be equally tired or equally rested.

What About Lebron’s Injury In Game 4LeBron James, Injured

Should we be concerned about LeBron’s head banging accident that cost him a few stitches? According to the King I think not. He stated when asked how he was feeling, I had a slight headache, which I think every one of you guys would probably have if you ran into a camera.” Well true King James, but none of “us guys” have to play in an NBA final on Sunday. And why didn’t the team docs make him go through the concussion protocol?

So What is LeBron’s Motivation to Win The Championship? I Have Some Theories

  • He would love to beat Steph CurryStep Curry who was voted MVP while LeBron came in 3rd.
  • It would undoubtedly be a great opportunity for his city, the franchise, and the fans
  • And he would love to stick it in Pat Riley’s face who had some not so nice things to say about King James after he left the Heat last season. randmid_1284153161_rileyRiley commented, “No more smiling faces with hidden agendas.” And although Riley refused to say who he was talking about and whether or not he was talking about King James, we all know that he wasn’t talking about, Burnie the Mascot? burnieThis should be a good game 5….Can’t wait.


Which team are you routing for? Type your choice in the comments box.






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