Tips For 3 Hair Struggles That Only Natural Hair Girls Understand

Hello Curlies,

Since it is summer time and the sun is shining bright and hard across the 50 states, I am sure that my fellow curlies are feeling the struggle to maintain that curl. Its a known fact that if you are naturally curly then your hair responds to natures elements. Kind of like having a mind of its own our hair will frizz if the precipitation is high. Feel dry and brittle when its cold and windy. So what’s a curly to do? Well the answer is in two parts:

  1. You learn your hair and its temperament
  2. Then you give your hair what it’s asking for

Sounds simple right? But for many in the natural hair world, mastering these simple concepts are like trying to learn the anatomy of a pig in 10 mins. Here are some major struggles that curlies experience and some solutions to overcome the flop of the curl syndrome.

The cost of products are too pricey

natural hair and products

Yes products for the naturally curly can be a bit steep for most. With an 8.5 ounce jar of Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls and other natural hair care lines costing upwards of $20 for one product and you still need a conditioner and shampoo too, those prices can be out of budget! Not to mention that the choices of product lines out there are enough to make your head swim, but look at it as an investment in yourself. Before going back to natural ( we were natural from birth), we use to spend upwards of $80 for the creamy crack so what’s the difference now? You need to regulate your mind and change your stinkin thinkin (this is my mom’s favorite phrase) and focus on the mission at hand: that you need to invest in a good hair care line that provides the results you are looking for which should be a healthy head of healthy curls.

Dealing with the awkward stage

If you did the big chop like most of us, then you know what I’m talking about. I transitioned for a year and 3 months before deciding to chop off those ends. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that curly hair is going to look shorter than it actually is, so when your hair in its curly state barely graces your neck, it usually means it will touch your shoulders when its straight. The other issue is that we can’t see curly hair growth like we can when hair is in its straight state but just know that your hair, no matter curly or straight, will grow at least 1/2 inch per month. Besides father time,  here are some options to stretch your mane:

  • use the banding method
  • use the pineapple method
  • try a twist out

The time and work you have to put in to maintain curly hair

Being curly takes time, but it doesn’t have to a task. The trick to making your time more efficient with the all the steps to a healthy head, is to get a ROUTINE. I cannot stress ROUTINE enough and how this has been my saving grace and the one thing that helped me to not run back to the creamy crack. Once you find the products you like and you learn your hair, you need to set up a routine. Here is mine and each step does not always fall on the same day:

  1.  Co-wash my hair and deep condtion under a hooded dryer for approx. 30 – 60 mins. Rinse out and use my products and let air dry (occasionally I will use a diffuser but my hair seems to do better when I air dry)
  2. I pineapple my hair on the nights 1 & 2
  3. Day 3 I only rinse my hair to remove build up from my scalp but I do not reapply any shampoo or co-washing agent. Again I let it air dry and pineapple again for 2 more days. I do reapply my curling product on this day.
  4. Repeat step #1

In between these steps I listen to my hair’s moisture needs and if it seems a little dry, I mist it with a little water from a water bottle or I may use this:

Shea Moisture hold and shine mist

I also like to massage a light oil to my scalp like grape seed or coconut oil. Hair grows when it is moisturized!

Lastly and by no means finally, you have to accept the fact that there will be some good days, and some bad days but in the end being a curly is so worth it. bad hair daysWhat are your curly hair struggles? What are your favorite natural hair products to use?


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