News Alert: 4 Shorts Trends You Need To Have In Your Closet This Summer

Hi Lovelies,

Today is What-to-Wear Wednesday and you would NOT believe the day I’ve had! Can I just say my brain is fried and I am struggling to write this piece but I am determined to keep to my blogging schedule. Now you may have noticed that the site looks a little different. Well that’s what fried my brain. I had to surf the web for the perfect picture of my hometown Chicago’s skyline, then go to flamingtext  to make my font then over to picmonkey to layer my new header and try to make it fit into the new space (theme) perfectly. I still may tweak it because I am OCD and all of the other letters in the alphabet, but I am happy with the theme that I chose and my inspiration to change it came from Style Domination, so thank you for having such an eye-catching site! ♥ Maybe we can exchange plug-in codes? Okay so enough of my ramblings, let me get to what matters most to all my fashionistas: Fashion!

I really wish that I had legs like Beyoncé because I would probably wear shorts everyday of the summer, but since I don’t and I know that I am not alone (I hope I’m not the only one), I came up with 4 of my top hits at any length for you.


Dorcastar-short-de-jeans-verano-2015Let’s face it, denim shorts are the Whether they are torn, ripped, you created them out of a pair of old jeans, or you bought them right off the racks, you cannot go wrong with a great pair of denim shorts. Denim doesn’t mean just blue though so you can wear them in any color. Like a great pair of white denims can carry you from daytime to a night out with  just a few additions: add a blazer, some heels or wedges, and nice chunky accessories and you are ready to go…two snaps!!



lace shorts

Lace is one of the unexpected trends that happened in the fashion industry and I am so glad that it happened because it is one of my favorite looks in a pair of shorts. Now wearing the lace short can be kind of tricky so here are a few guidelines so you can avoid a fashion fauxpaux.


  • be sure to pair your lace shorts with an elegant lightweight top so that it isn’t too heavy.
  • pair your lace with a denim shirt.
  • wear with gladiators or sandals that come up to at least the ankle.
  • wear your short monochromatic and use a pop of color in your purse or shoes.


  • wear everything lace. That would be overkill.
  • wear with a blazer that is longer than the shorts.



High-waisted everything is back in style, even bikinis. No longer are high-waisted consider the nerd next door shorts, they are coming to us right off the runway. So pull out your mom’s old jeans and start cutting off your high-waisted shorts. The sky’s the limit with this trend. You can pair them with a graphic muscle tee, a bustier, a blazer and tank, a crop top…the options are endless. Although if you are short-waisted like me, you want to wear them with a fitted top so you can see your waistline better and not look like their are shorts and then your boobs.



The perfect line up for the women that don’t want to show too much leg while still wanting to wear shorts. The good thing about this comeback style is that you could get away with wearing them to the office if you have a cool boss that is. The cutest most flattering pairs, have a slim-cut design that tapers down your leg. Bermudas also look hot paired with girly tops like a peplum and high heels.


♥ Lolo

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