Evolvinglolo Now Has A Blogging Schedule

Hello Everyone:

Anyone that knows me, knows that I like order in my life. Yes I’m about that orderly life and I pretty much bring order into everything that I do. From my closet, to my makeups, and now my blog, I must have order. So since I am going to be writing across many genres, I thought it would be easier for you to keep up with subjects that matter to you , if I came up with a blogging schedule.

Now let me say upfront that my current events and bargain bin posts can happen on any given day because I cannot predict when the next newsworthy story or great sale will come. So some days I may have more than one post. With that being said, here is my blogging schedule and topics:

MONDAYS- Making Love Monday

Posts will be about relationships. Whether it is issues in the marriage, dating, parenting, life after divorce, or surviving after the loss of a spouse or child, the articles will assist you by providing advice and opinions with the end goal in mind to bring harmony and love to your life no matter what stage you are in.

TUESDAY’S- Tried & True Tuesday

Posts will be all about beauty. It may be product reviews, tutorials, new brand announcements, giveaways, tips and tricks, and challenges. If you are a beauty buff, then you will look forward to the articles.

WEDNESDAYS- What -To-Wear Wednesdays

Posts will be about fashion. The latest fashion trends in clothing, footwear, and accessories, Outfit of the day, Currently craving, Where can I find it, and so on. This day will be a must see for anyone that loves to look good from head to toe.

THURSDAYS- Tell It Thursday

Posts will be about the latest in entertainment news. Whether it’s the latest movies, reviews, music releases, celebrity gossip, Thursdays will be the day you want to be here.

FRIDAYS- Frugal Friday

Posts will be about money saving tips, frugal finds, frugal recipes, and DIY projects and anything that will save you time and money.

SATURDAYS- Sporty Saturday

Posts will be cover the latest and most important things news in sports. This day will be a popular place for my male readers (and of course my women) out there looking to start a conversation with other men who love sports.

SUNDAYS- Self-improvement Sunday

Posts will be about religion, health, or physical improvement through dieting, exercise, or changing our mindset towards living a healthy lifestyle.

So there you have it. I look forward to our relationship together and please be sure to click follow so you can receive my updates.

♥ Lolo

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