My New Favorite Online Store Craving

Diva Night
This dress is $32 and comes in Pink for $21 & Cream for $29. They are located overseas but items usually ship within 24 hours.
Be Classy
Hello Loves:
If you haven’t shopped you are missing a great treat. I found this store last year, bookmarked it and forgot about it until I needed to find a LBD. The prices on this site will make your heart scream “YASSS” and keep your wallet full. I will be placing an order with them this week and I will be sure to come back and do a review. Sometimes as we all know lower prices can mean low quality but I’ve watched numerous reviews from You Tubers that shop their site regularly and love them. If this experience goes well then I will be a Shein Regular.
Have you shopped at If so, please let me know how your experience was.
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My 4-Step Brow Routine Tutorial From Start To Finish

The Brows Have It


Hello Beauties:

I’ve had a few people ask me how I do my brows so I thought it would be great to share my routine with you. I am in no way an expert on brows but practice does make perfect so I can see improvement in my skill as time goes along. It really quite simple and the key to a good brow is to FOLLOW YOUR NATURAL BROW! I can’t stress that enough and its sad to see when women try to draw the perfect brow and end up looking like a clown face. If the front of your brows aren’t square then don’t try to make them square. I have irregular brows meaning one brow is perfectly square in the front and the other has more of a rounded edge. In this case I do make my other brow square so they match, but if this isn’t you, then don’t try to create one.

Products Used

Step One:

brows1editedI like to put brow gel on my brows before filling them in. It makes the application of the brow whiz easier and precise.

Step Two:

brows2editedI begin to outline the top and bottom of my brow following the natural growth pattern. If your brows do not extend out far enough you can draw the lines out farther.

Step Three

brows4editedThis is how my brows look when I’m done outlining and filling in the sparse hairs. The trick is to not be heavy-handed just lightly fill in the area where the hair is thin.

Step Four

browseditedI take the duo brush and concealer and carefully outline underneath and on top of the brows to blend in the concealer so that it doesn’t show. This step cannot be omitted because this is where you define the brows and give it a neat clean look.

Step Five


** The products I used are my personally preferences and I am not endorsing them nor am I receiving any compensation for using them**

The finished look. Some days your brows will look better than others because you are human and unless you are a robot you don’t do things exactly the same way every day. I hope this was helpful to you. Thanks for stopping by and please keep coming back and leave a comment so that we can get to know each other.

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Razor vs. Epilator: Which Is The Best Option For You?

Hello Lovelies:

With summer in full effect chances are you’ve moved those sleeveless tops to the forefront of your daily wardrobe essentials. Sleeveless tops mean paying closer attention to underarm hair. The question is not whether you are a shaver but which product should you use to get the job done? Up for comparison are your average razor and an epilator! For the sake of this post, I will review the product that I have the most experience with:

emoji epilator

The Emoji Optima

An epilator is an electrical device used to remove hair by grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out from the root. Similar to waxing except it doesn’t remove cells from the epidermis.

The benefits of using an epilator

  • provides lasting smoothness that can last up to 4 weeks. Removing hair from the root means the hair takes longer to grow back and it grows back softer and finer than before.
  • great for sensitive skin so if you normally see bumps after shaving with razors, an epilator will prevent this problem.
  • hair grows back less noticeable because when the hair follicle regrows the tip is narrower and becomes softer and finer.
  • if you have a low pain tolerance and flinch when receiving waxing services, you can use the epilator in the shower or bath to soften the skin making it less painful. There are also pre-epilation wipes on the market that will soothe the skin after using.
  • more cost efficient than razors because you won’t need to shave as much saving money in the long run.
  • hair grows back lighter which is really beneficial for women of color that normally have dark underarms.

Word of caution

As with anything worth having or using they all come with a tradeoff. Although the epilator will save you time and money in the long run it can be a little painful on the first go and will take getting use to before you become a pro to the pain. Remember the hairs are being pulled out from the root! You also may experience some redness and slight swelling the first time but this will go away after an hour or two.

My choice

The epilator hands down. I will probably never go back to a razor to shave my underarms. I still use a razor on my legs and other parts, but never a razor on my underarms. I get the smoothest all round best shave and I am so used to it now that I don’t feel any pain. There are numerous epilators on the market so chose the one that best fits your needs. I’ve had my epilator for over 3 years and I think that my model is discontinued on the Emoji site but I’m sure you could grab one on Ebay or Amazon. If you want to see what other epilators Emoji sells click here.

Do you use an epilator?

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From The Bargin Bin: Time Sensitive Sale Alerts!!

Hello Everyone:

This week’s addition to The Bargin Bin is quite exciting. I’ve been working hard searching for frugal finds for you and I found this one that my beauties will want to jump on: Urban Decay’s Limited Vice Palette $58 Now $39 Until July 4th.!! You can grab your palette from Ulta Beauty click here

Urban-Decay-Vice-LTD-2courtesy of

Look at the swatches on this palette…I’m im Love show_love_with_emoticons

Courtesy of: charismafull
Courtesy of: charismafull

Family Time


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Product Review Pros And Cons You Might Want To Read Before Buying EyeLash Glue

Hello Beauties:

Wow do I have a product review for you today! Through some serious trial and error I can say that I’ve found my tried and true eyelash glue for the moment. But before I share, you need to know this review is kind of tricky for me because the product that is now my staple didn’t earn that title because it ranked a 10. It actually has some things that drive me crazy about it but in comparison to the alternative, I would rather struggle with the issues then to use the other product. Now that you have some background lets dive in shall we:

Up for review are Revlon’s Precision Clear Eyelash Glue vs. Andrea’s Striplash Glue

Revlon: $4.99 at drugstore


  • goes on white but dries clear
  • great hold
  • no mess
  • no hard glue deposits
  • brush allows for precision in application
  • no adhesive traces
  • can be used on lash strips or individual lashes
  • safe ingredients are low level of concern for cosmetic uses according to EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database
  • affordable


  • takes a few minutes to become tacky
  • the glue sticks to the rim of the bottle and dries making it impossible to close the top
  • the glue is not clear

Andrea’s Striplash Glue $:4.99 at drugstore


  • goes on clear
  • dries instantly
  • no mess
  • brush allows for precision in application
  • no adhesive traces
  • can be used on lash strips or individual lashes
  • safe ingredients are low level of concern for cosmetic uses according to EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database
  • affordable


  • burns and makes your eyes water after lashes are applied
  • dries hard and some of the glue is sharp and can cut your eye
  • not good for sensitive eyes, can leave the corners of your eyelid red and irritated
  • not a great hold on heavier lashes like House of Lashes
  • dries clear but can leave a shine in photos

My Take Away

After reading this, I’m pretty sure you know which glue is now my holy grail: REVLON’S PRECISION LASH ADHESIVE!!! My chief complaint with the Revlon is the gook that collects around the lid and after a few applications the glue dries and hardens making it hard to close the lid tight and the glue begins to dry out. I’ve purchase 2 bottles and the same issue happened so any suggestions on how to combat this issue would be appreciated ♥. The Andrea glue was a good thought at first because it dried so quickly and it dried clear but right now my eyes so irritated  I’m  going to have to wear a clean face for a few days until my eyes stop watering. The corners of my lids are red and burning.  This bottle is going in the trash immediately!!

What’s your favorite lash glue? I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you have any tips for me.

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No Two Heads Are Alike What Natural Curlies Need To Understand

Good Morning Curlies;

It’s been some time since I’ve had an early post but as I was getting dressed for todays errands I realized a struggle or should I say misunderstanding that many of us in the natural hair community have, Hair Growth & Curl Pattern Issues. Just about every curlie I meet either says, “I love your curl pattern, I can’t get my curls to look like that.” Or “I wish my hair would grow faster, I’m tired of wearing this short afro.” Both comments represent the real struggles that we experience but it doesn’t have to be this way. With a few changes you will and can start to embrace your hair and love the hair you’re with!

  • Learn From Your Hair

Your hair has a language that it speaks to you everyday but it’s your job as its owner to take the time to learn the message. If you wake up to hair that feels like straw then your hair is telling you that it needs some extra moisture like maybe a homemade deep conditioner mix of avocado, honey, and mayo. Yes I know, it doesn’t sound good but the results will be good so its worth the effort. Listen to your hairs needs and give it what it’s asking for.

  • Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

Anything worth its salt is double its work. A quote my granny often blurted to me which meant nothing at the time but now I get it (thanks Granny♥). If your goal is to have bra strap length curls then it will take some patience, care, and time. If you are consistent with how you treat your locks and you don’t omit or short cut the care, your hair will pay you back with growth that is retained. Most curlie’s problems are that we grow weary and tired of waiting so we either slack off with the TLC or we put it in a weave and just leave it there. Read my post on caring for natural hair when it’s in protective styles here.

  • Your Hair Length Has Been Predetermined and So Has Your Curl Pattern

You’ve been dotting every I and crossing every T. Deep conditioning once a week, practicing low manipulation, and sleeping on a satin pillowcase but yet your hair won’t budge past your shoulders and your goal is bra strap. Well it may not be that your work is in vain. It could be that your hair may be predetermined to remain shoulder length. Let me explain: it’s called terminal hair length and each month, your hair grows at a certain rate that may increase or decrease slightly from month to month. This rate is typically 1/2 inch per month: slightly faster for Asians and Caucasians and closer to average or just below for Blacks. Each strand has its own timetable of growing time. Both your monthly growing rate and your total growing period, are determined to a large extent by your genetics. Terminal length is the length that your hair would reach if you never cut it, it never broke-off, and you allowed it to grow freely without interruption. Once hair has completed its total growing period and has reached its terminal length, it will shed naturally and be pushed out by a new growing strand. This process repeats all over your head on a daily basis for ever and ever Amen.

Everyone’s curl pattern is different and many of us have different curl patterns on our heads. My hair is more tightly coiled in the back and sides, but the top and front has a looser curl pattern. This is normal and really cannot be explained. What you need to understand is this is normal so don’t go chopping off those loose curls mistaking it for heat damaged or left over relaxed hair. You may have to accommodate the curls by using a different product on that portion of you hair. Its kind of like makeup when we add concealer to certain part of our face and not all over.

The important lesson to walk away with is to love the curls you are in and since you and your hair will be together until the end you need to find out what it will take to live in peace and harmony with each other. What works for your dynamics may not work for me. Happy curly living!

Do you struggle with any of these issues? I would love to hear your comments below.

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Now You Can Wear Your Fruit And Eat It Too

Hello Fashionistas:

I want to share a nifty little online store you may not be aware of. It’s called Cents of Style click here .

I don’t remember how I found this needle in the haystack website, but I was so happy I did. They offer a deal every Friday called Fashion Friday where an item is ridiculously on sale for the entire day. Not stopping there, they also offer style steals every Monday & Wednesday. Now if you know me then you know I am all about a good sale so this site and me are in a good relationship♥. They recently included a new designer named Jen Hadfield and she makes fruit inspired jewelry and clothing. Now before you click the back arrow on me just take a moment to view the fresh fruit salad blend

These earrings are only $9.95

Shthe earrings are only $9.95e also makes fruit-inspired T-shirts:

She has an assortment of cuteness and not all fruit related. So head on over to the site and check out her items. They are very affordable and will be a talking point wherever you go. Here is the link to her items here.

You will get a free pair of earrings if you purchase one of her T-shirts. No code needed but I am pretty sure it is only for a limited time. Let me know what you think.

Would you wear any of these items?

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